Andorra and the European Union: relations and agreements

Andorra and the European Union: relations and agreements

Relations between Andorra and the European Union are somewhat love-hate. On the one hand, the Principality yearns for its large international market and its facilities in the mobility of capital, merchandise and people. Also its financial institutions and its ability to finance itself and its single currency. However, on the other hand he rejects his huge… Read more

De facto couple in Andorra: registration before a notary

De facto couple in Andorra: registration before a notary

In many of our articles we have mentioned the common law or stable union of a registered partner in Andorra. Specifically, in our articles where we talk about the ways of living in Andorra or the different types of Andorran residence permits, we mention this category of the marital status of two people based on coexistence ... Read more

The Spain-Andorra double taxation agreement

Spain-Andorra double taxation agreement or CDI

The reason for double taxation agreements is that when income, assets, a product or service, or in short, an action subject to taxation, is likely to be taxed in two or more different jurisdictions, a double taxation conflict arises. The two countries feel the power separately to apply... Read more

Minimum wage in Andorra (SMI) for 2023

Annual interprofessional minimum wage in Andorra

Yes, in Andorra there is also a minimum interprofessional salary, also called SMI. The minimum wage is set periodically at least once a year by the Andorran Government. But what is this decreed minimum wage? What is the interprofessional minimum wage or SMI The legislation on the minimum wage, whose origins go back to the Australia and … Read more

Becoming self-employed in Andorra in 2024: freelance requirements

Being self-employed in Andorra or freelance in 2022: requirements

Is it possible to be self-employed in Andorra? When someone sees all the YouTubers and other entrepreneurs going to live in Andorra, a question that may arise is if they are self-employed in Andorra or, in general, if such a figure exists in the country. Also, if yes, how can this be done or what are the requirements... Read more

Andorra is not a tax haven

In this article we will address the history of why Andorra is not a tax haven: its process of more than 10 years of international economic and legal opening, its modernization and its determined commitment to attract innovation and foreign capital. And it is that although youtubers move to the country because of their low taxes compared … Read more