Andorra and the European Union: relations and agreement

The Agreement between Andorra and the European Union

As we already mentioned in our article on the membership of the Principality, Andorra does not belong to the European Union. It is not within this organization as a member country of the same and never has been, unlike its neighbors Spain and France. However, the international relations between Andorra and the European Union are ... Read more

Domestic partner in Andorra: registration

Domestic partner or stable partnership in Andorra: registration and legalization, documentation, requirements and others

In many of our articles we have mentioned the common law or stable union of a registered partner in Andorra. Specifically, in our articles where we talk about the ways of living in Andorra or the different types of Andorran residence permits, we mention this category of the marital status of two people based on coexistence ... Read more

Being autonomous in Andorra in 2021: requirements

Being self-employed in Andorra in 2020: requirements

When someone sees all the youtubers and other entrepreneurs go to live in Andorra, a question that may arise is whether they are self-employed in Andorra or, in general, if there is such a figure in the country. Also, if so, how can this be done or what are the requirements to be able to do it, as well as which ... Read more

Andorra 10 years of transformation

andorra international image economic opening reforms transformation

In this article we will cover the history of the last great Andorran transformation: its international economic and legal opening, its modernization and its determined commitment to attract innovation and foreign capital. A bit of history Andorra has been a very prominent country, especially in the last half century. Already in the hippie years of 1960, in full & # 8230; Read more