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Being autonomous in Andorra in 2021: requirements

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When someone sees all youtubers Y other entrepreneurs go to live in Andorra, a question that may arise is if they are self-employed in Andorra or, in general, if there is such a figure in the country. Also, if so, how can this be done or what are the requirements to be able to do it, as well as what is the quota of freelancers who contribute. Well, in this short article we have set out to answer it.

Liberal or titled professional

In the Principality of Andorra there is no legal and legislative figure called "autonomous»(Although not in Spain either), the only thing with any resemblance to that is one called liberal professional. This figure was originally quite different and with more restrictions, but in 2013 the Government approved a modification of the Law on the exercise of liberal professions and professional schools and associations (yes, it's called like that, and it was from 2008) in which as they say «replace the concept of liberal profession by that of a titled profession«.

According to the Andorran Government, the objective was threefold:

  • On the one hand, resolve deficiencies or discrepancies found with the application of the law
  • Adapt to Law 10/2012, on foreign investment in the Principality of Andorra, which definitively opened the country to foreign capital
  • Give greater legal security to liberal professionals and the people with whom they interact

In any case, this law modified many things but the main thing is the change of concept from liberal profession to profession titled, as we have said, since the law went on to regulate the professions that are practiced both as self-employed and employed. Under this new concept, Being a professional with a degree in Andorra requires:

  1. The application of knowledge and techniques of a branch or science of knowledge that are applicable and can be practiced as a professional in that branch.
  2. Possession of a official academic title Andorran higher education studies or recognized in Andorra equivalent to a university degree (professional training is not useful, at least for now).

Therefore, as we see, being autonomous in Andorra means, as the concept itself indicates, practice a regulated profession for which there is capacity according to the competent institution, a bit in the style of medieval artisan guilds (modernized to the present).

A special category dependent on the Government

Thus, as we have said, to practice as a qualified professional you must have the skills to do something specific with a training certificate validated by a technical and collegiate committee. In addition, you can only exercise what the training title allows you as an economic activity. For example, a lawyer could homologate their qualifications and register in Andorra, thus being able to obtain a residence permit and self-employment. But he could only exercise as such, not being able to carry out the economic activity that he pleases.

As if that were not enough, an authorization from the Government is required for which there are certain quotas for each profession depending on the current year, the country's situation, the demand and the number of professionals already established in the country, which limits their issuance. The government reserves the right to change the number of seats available depending on the context.

Also the Government of Andorra reserves the right to accept or deny an authorization based on many factors which include the aforementioned quotas, the university or center that expels the degree, the country or the type, whether the degree corresponds to a complete profession or the pertinent master of specialization is required to practice, that all documentation can be provided Apostille of the Haia or other relevant certification, etc.

Procedure and requirements to be autonomous in Andorra

The aforementioned implies that the exercise of any type of profession cannot be guaranteed through any type of degree, and that the requirements depend on each specific case and are highly interpretable. Among others are, in addition to the necessary ones to obtain the active residence permit and self-employment:

  • Have the homologated title.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • European supplement to the diploma of the degree to be recognized, for degrees adapted to the European Higher Education Area or ertificate of notes apostilled by La Haia.
  • Certificate of liability insurance.
  • Specific documentation for each profession.

Basically and in a general way, To be a qualified professional you must do the following:

  1. Process the application for academic recognition of Higher Education Degrees
  2. Get the authorization to exercise the liberal profession by the Government, for which it is necessary among others to have the official academic title of higher education apostilled by Haia or via diplomacy.
  3. Join the respective professional association of Andorra, when applicable, and in the case of health professions, register in the Registry of Health Professionals.
  4. Depending on the specific profession, it may be required Specific conditionssuch as achieving prior practical training or obtaining a training accreditation.
  5. Get permission of active residence and self-employment, being a qualified professional.

This type of legal category usually works with architects, economists, lawyers, and certain engineers. In any case, in our office we can process everything for € 3,000-4,000 correctly including the advice obtained from experience, and helping them in whatever is necessary. However, we cannot guarantee success fully and with commitment, as it depends on the Government of Andorra itself.

We can also offer you a procedure consisting of first verifying whether or not the government accepts the application for the exercise of profession entitled for your case and in case of refusal, proceed to process the incorporation of a company. You can contact us to consult it and do it here.

Freelance quota?

What is the price to which these qualified professionals submit? Well, since they are also active residents and work on their own (the residence permit is, in fact, the same) they must contribute to the CASS (Andorran social security) exactly the same as managerial entrepreneurs of his own company: the 22% of the average monthly salary of the previous year to the current one, which is currently around around 450-500 € monthly. In either case, there are bonuses based on income and other factors.

Of course, being autonomous does not exempt you from taxes in Andorra. You must declare the IGI quarterly, the income tax annually and pay the municipal taxes and fees. Of course, they are not very extractive.

Advantages and disadvantages of being a qualified professional in Andorra

Thus, we proceed to enumerate the advantages of being a qualified professional versus creating a company in Andorra:

There is no deposit of € 15,000 to the AFA (not foreign investment)Restricted to regulated professions, and therefore to certain economic activities
You do not have to create a companyRequires a higher education degree equivalent to a degree
Easier and cheaper maintenanceThe responsibility lies entirely with the natural person
No need for registered officeIt is highly interpretable and dependent on the Government
Advantages and disadvantages of a qualified professional compared to a company in Andorra

This last disadvantage, that it is an interpretable category dependent on the Government and for which we cannot guarantee its success (except in certain cases), is obviously the most relevant.

Are youtubers autonomous?

As you may have guessed, no. Youtubers are not autonomous because they cannot, since there is no profession titled Youtuber. Not because they don't have a university or academic degree, that's irrelevant. Even if they did, they couldn't do their job as a youtuber being liberal professionals. Also, in fact, a lot of them wouldn't be interested either, since the legal structure that a company allows them is much better at all levels because they have a lot of income.

So what they do is start a company constituting a company in which they are shareholders and administrators of the same. Thus, they invoice through it and collect both salary returns and dividends and others from it, optimizing their taxation and taxes. Something that we also do in Andorra Insiders and for which we can help you contacting here.

In conclusion

In summary: the regime for qualified professionals, which is the equivalent of self-employed in Andorra, is restricted to specific qualified professions: lawyers, architects, nurses and doctors, economists, certain engineers, etc. In addition, they only allow the exercise of the economic activity for which the title gives capacity, unlike the flexibility of different social objects that a company allows.

It is, therefore, a regime advantageous but not for everyone, but only and as its name indicates, for qualified professionals. It is limited to certain quotas and its exercise depends on the interpretable approval of the government. We hope that the article has been to your liking.

42 thoughts on “Ser autónomo en Andorra en 2021: requisitos”

  1. Bona nit,
    Voldria know if it is considered a professional liberal to be a graphic designer. Jo soc from Barcelona and here autonomous soc i work from home, per a dues editorials. I am interested in going to Andorra to go to Andorra with the meus fills menors d'edat. Is possible? From fet jo només exerceixo de maquetació i disseny. How much do I charge to process-ho tot?
    Moltes gràcies !!

    • Hello isbael!

      Doncs hauriem d'estudiar-ho bé. With regard to the article, the formal title must be of a degree or equivalent and the economic activity of its encaixar with it and the one that allows it to be. Furthermore, the Administration reserves the right to interpret what it could do and what it could not. Per tant, hauriem d'analitzar-ho millor. If you are interested, please contact us at I will explain-to us a million of whose title is tracta, which activity is carried out exactly for whom, etc. I can see if it is possible to apply to the seu cas.

      Moltes gràcies pel comments!

  2. Hi, I wanted to know if I can be considered a qualified professional if I have a degree in computer engineering, I currently live in Madrid and work for an American company as a freelancer. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Pedro, thanks for commenting.

      Well, surely yes, since there is never a problem with engineers and in government they are a bit lost with computer science activities due to their scope and variety. However, we would have to look at it in more detail. If you are interested, write to us at Explaining what your degree and university are and what you do specifically and we can verify that you can move without problem and we can write an adjusted service proposal.

      We are thus at your disposal, thank you.

  3. Hello. Very good. I am Ukrainian. I have a company in Spain. Assembly of ventilated facades. If it is more profitable for me to work in Andorra and pay taxes in Andorra? I can close company here. Can I open a company or work in Andorra as a freelancer with my workers? Thanks

    • Hello Yevgen, thank you very much for commenting.

      In the first place, you cannot exercise that economic activity in Andorra as a self-employed person, you would have to set up a company for this purpose in order to justify your residence in the country. On the other hand, given that it carries out assemblies of ventilated facades in Spain, it exercises economic activity in Spain, being therefore very difficult to justify the substance requirements necessary to maintain an Andorran company.

      Therefore, unfortunately your case for this project is unfeasible in the Principality of Andorra.

      Thank you and everything goes well!

    • Hello Gemma doncs it will depend on whether you are an Andorran resident / Andorran national or not. If you are simply obrint a trade you can exercise.

      Thank you very much to contact, what a vagi bé!

  4. Goodnight,
    I am a computer engineer and I am thinking of registering as a freelancer in Andorra and billing a Spanish company (it would be the only one to start with). Would it be possible or would I have to bill more clients and some who are Andorran? Are there limitations in this regard?

    Regards, and thank you very much

    • Hello Luis, since you are a computer engineer, your case is very feasible to carry out as a qualified professional. Of course, we cannot guarantee complete success as it is up to the administrations to interpret the regulations for the case and the documentation. The safest thing is to form a company. If you want, contact us at and we can send you a proposal of services to carry it out, in any case.

      Thank you very much for commenting and that everything goes well!

  5. Very good,

    I live in Belgium and I sell antiques online that I buy all over Europe, I could set up a company in Andorra since my services are carried out entirely on the internet and my clients are all over the world.


    • Hello Alejandro, thank you very much for commenting. Well, obviously yes, but the case would have to be carefully analyzed. If your operation is simply to act as a "commission agent" in the sense that you do not store stock and therefore do not have to import or export products, it can be very interesting to establish your business in Andorra. In any case, you can contact us at so that we can offer you our services in this regard and better assess your case.

  6. Bon dia,

    I am dedicated to the international distribution of TV programs, in particular sèries d'animació.
    Soc Llicenciat in Audiovisual Communication and Master Media MBA.

    Currently, I exercise in Spain as a freelancer and under the exclusive regime as the Commercial and Development Director of a French company that manages the first level content drets per seva assigned to pay TV channels and in obert, platforms (Netflix, Amazon, etc ...) and toy companies (Bandai, Mattel, etc ...) and licensing.

    I would like to move to Andorra with the family table and I would like to know if it is possible to fer-ho and exercise my profession as a liberal professional or if it is necessary to set up a company.

    Rest waiting for the seva response, gràcies


    • Hi Joan,

      Doncs clearly and badly not, you have to set up a company. It is tracta of a particular negotiation and that does not respond simply to the exercise of a certain profession. In addition, it is an Audiovisual Communication trade, which in itself is difficult to justify (for the administration, of course) the exercise as a professional titleholder.

  7. Hello good Morning,

    If I already have a company in the United States (a single member LLC, I do web development services for other US companies), can I use it to obtain active residency or do I have to create a new Andorran company? (Even if I don't use that new one for billing?)
    And with the LLC, as it is a transparent entity, in Andorra is personal income tax paid from the profits of that entity?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hola Alberto, muchas gracias por comentar. Pues tendrían dos opciones, como explicamos en el artículo:

      A) Constituir una sociedad en Andorra y operar a través de ella, y obtener el permiso de residencia y trabajo por cuenta propia andorrano por ser socios y administradores de dicha sociedad (pudiendo luego, si quieren, también su patrimonio como personas físicas).
      B) Invertir 400.000€ en activos andorranos y obtener la residencia pasiva en Andorra, y gestionar sus patrimonios como personas físicas directamente.

      Una opción u otra dependerá del caso en concreto a considerar.

  8. Good Afternoon,

    I am a Yacht Captain and registered as self employed in Spain, would it be possible to move to Andorra and be self employed in Andorra.

    • Hi Graham, thank you for leaving your comment.

      Unfortunately, you won’t be able to move to Andorra, neither as self-employed nor through a company. The reason is that your economic activity is done in Spain and you can’t move it to Andorra, so it’s impossible to make it through any Andorran legal structure.

  9. Hello
    Thanks for writing this article. I’m teaching online for a company that it’s neither based in France nor Spain, would I still have to create my own company if I move to Andorra?
    Also, is there a minimum monthly salary in order to live and work there as a freelancer?

  10. Buenas,

    Si quisiera montar un estudio de videojuegos en Andorra como una SL, tendría que ser también profesional liberal?

  11. soy hostelero de barcelona y me gustaria habrir restaurante en andorra nos trasladariamos toda la familia que pasos tendriamos que dar tenemos virios locales vistos algunos traspasan la sociedad

    • Hola alex, muchas gracias por comentar.

      Pues tendría que constituir una sociedad o comprar una ya constituida, luego obtener el permiso de residencia y trabajo por cuenta propia y luego reagrupar a su familia. Respecto al local pueden comprarlo, alquilarlo o coger uno de traspaso, eso ya depende de uds.

      Un saludo.

  12. Hola mi marido en autonomo en España es ingeniero en sistemas pero sin título universitario hizo carrera solo y trabaja para una gran empresa de Chicago puede hacer lo mismo desde andorra ?

    • Hola Débora, gracias por comentar. Lamentablemente no podría, tendría que constituir una sociedad a través de la cual realizar su actividad y venir a Andorra como empresario. Un saludo.

  13. Buenas,
    Soy Ingeniero agrónomo y actuo como freelance con un contrato de serviciós con una empresa Irlandesa y de representación con otra austriaca. Mi responsabilidad es de dirección commercial para Europa -Afríca y Asia con la empresa Irlandesa y la península ibérica con la empresa austriaca.. Actualmente soy autónomo en España y estaba planteando moverme a Andorra para bien constituir una empresa o como regimén de profesionales titulados ya que soy ingeniero agrónomo y mi actividad está enfocada a la agricultura.
    ¿Qué opción me recomendarían?
    Muchas gracias de antemano.
    Un saludo

    • Hola Javier,
      Pues concretamente con ingenieros agrónomos no hemos tratado, pero probablemente sea difícil hacerlo mediante la figura jurídica de la profesión titulada. No obstante, podemos intentarlo y, en caso de denegación por parte del gobierno, pivotar hacia la creación de una sociedad andorrana y la facturación a través de la misma, que es mucho más seguro y flexible de hacer. Es lo que llamamos nuestra propuesta de servicios de doble vertiente.

      En cualquier caso, si nos escribes a podremos agendar una llamada con usted para aclarar todos los temas y verificar su caso, y tras eso enviarle una propuesta de servicios al respecto.

      Muchas gracias por su comentario, que vaya todo bien.

  14. Buenas tardes, soy youtuber y tengo ganancias mensuales de 12.000 euros por lo que ley para mudarme tengo que crear una empresa en Andorra y esas ganancias facturarlas atraves de la cuenta de la empresa o cómo sería mi caso para poder mudarme

  15. Hola,soy autonomo aqui en españa h tengo una tienda online de venta de merchandising tendria algun problema en ser autonomo en andorra si planteo ir a vivir alli? Gracias

    • Hola Carlos, muchas gracias por contactar.

      Pues me temo que obviamente no, que tendría que constituir una sociedad limitada. Y no solo eso sino que la factibilidad de poder realizar su modelo de negocio aquí dependerá de si gestiona usted el stock y almacenes en España o si simplemente se dedica a cobrar como comisionista directamente de su proveedor.

    • Hola Alex, gracias por comentar.

      Sí, creando una empresa constituyendo una sociedad es perfectamente factible hacerlo (no como profesional titulado). Hemos tratado y tenemos muchos perfiles de ese estilo y funciona sin problemas. Si quiere puede contactarnos y le informaremos mejor.

  16. Hola, soy economista trabajando para una empresa financiera en España y me gustaría montar despacho independiente en Andorra. ¿Sería posible mediante la figura de profesión titulada? En ese caso de profesión titulada ¿cuál es el período de estancia física mínima en Andorra? Gracias

    • Hola Javier, muchas gracias por comentar.

      Pues tendríamos que estudiarlo más detenidamente, ya que al tratarse de temas financieros podrían ser actividades consideradas bajo regulación de la Autoridad Financiera Andorrana y podría requerir de alguna licencia aparte. Eso además de que la denegación del permiso de profesional titulado sería bastante probable.

    • Hi Renato, thank you for your comment.

      Yes, psychology is fully considered inside the liberal professional category. In fact, we currently manage few psychologists at our agency.

      If you are interested in being psychologist in Andorra, please don’t doubt to contact us.

  17. Hola buenas, soy peluquera canina y me gustaría montar una peluquería en andorra.
    Qué pasos debería seguir?
    Si la pelu tuviera sección de complementos, champús, etc.. serían los mismos pasos a seguir?

    • Hola Anna, muchas gracias por comentar.

      Pues debería constituir una sociedad limitada en Andorra y abrir su clínica a través de ella.

      Respecto a los complementos, champús, etc. habría que ver si algunos de estos cosméticos pudieran estar sujetos a algún tipo de regulación concreta o específica así como la importación de dichos productos.


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