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The sudden pandemic started in 2019 and worsened since the beginning of March 2020 it has radically changed the world and restricted our behavior and movement in a very drastic way. The use of a mask, social distancing and the cancellation and closure of nightclubs, festivals, concerts and other mass events and leisure centers are unfortunately a reality that has come to stay for quite some time.

However, not all the changes have been for the worse. As in all crises, society adapts and in this process new, more efficient alternatives emerge to replace previous activities. The teleworking, videoconferencing and video consultations, online shopping and commerce and leisure at home They have been great protagonists in this sense, avoiding mobility where it was not really necessary.

Therefore, in many jobs where previously physical residence and location was a necessary requirement, it is now at least secondary, and usually counterproductive and risky. This, coupled with the proliferation of businesses and digital entrepreneurs of various kinds place Andorra as an even more feasible and desirable option for an increasing number of people seeking new opportunities abroad.

And the fact is that the Principality is a practically perfect country for professionals in the digital economy, with multiple advantages that we will now list:

Advantages of Andorra for digital entrepreneurs

  • Low taxes. Obviously, the greatest attraction of this country is its taxation, and that would be the reason for the transfer of digital professionals.
  • High speed internet connection. With fiber optics in all homes and a mobile network that covers the entire country, even from a house in the middle of the mountain or lost in the mountains, you can work digitally in Andorra.
  • Nature and landscape at its best. With three natural parks and 98% of its forest territory, being able to enjoy nature (which is something not restricted by the pandemic) is fully guaranteed.
  • Country of sport and leisure. Sport being another activity on the rise in this crisis, it is a strengthened motive. In Andorra you can not only practice the typical mountain sports (hiking, trail, cycling, mtb and downhill, climbing, winter sports, etc.) but also all the others in its many different gyms and sports centers.
  • Smart country that bets on technology sectors. From blockchain to big data and applications of artificial intelligence and deep learning, Andorra supports the most varied sectors that are thriving in innovation.
  • Robust and solvent economy. Despite the fact that Andorra has been quite affected by the fall in tourism, its economy continues to enjoy good health and attracts more people and foreign capital than ever, due to the digitization of work.
  • Great physical and legal security. The Principality stands out for its no crime, its control over the territory through the only two borders, its enormous political stability and war neutrality and its legal security that shields entrepreneurs.
  • Few residence permit requirements, with 183 days for active residence and 90 for passive residence.

Thus, a person residing in Barcelona, Tolouse or another nearby city, can telecommuting from Andorra and coming to work physically when required in your city without any problem. Something, in addition, even more accentuated by the fact that trips, congresses, international meetings and others have been reduced to their maximum expression.

That way they can enjoy all the advantages that this country offers and continue at the same time with the job or business they currently do, which benefit even more if they are related to electronic commerce, computing, investment and online trading, those of content creators or other influencers, patents, marketing or other digital goods and services.

And it is that although the future and the final consequences of this pandemic are not yet very clear, it is already quite certain that movements, trips and access to offices will be reduced, as well as mass events.

On the other hand, although in the short term the governments of the different countries are applying monetary, fiscal and credit stimuli, it is to be expected that in the medium and long term, the economic crisis will break out in all OECD countries, leaving an important institutional delegitimization and rigid and indebted economies.

Although Andorra is no exception in this crisis and is highly dependent on tourism from its neighboring countries, it is also true that has a lot of room for action to alleviate it and they can take advantage of other jurisdictions to attract talent and capital from abroad. In addition, their tax regime is one of the main attractions of the country, and they are fully aware of it.

In conclusion, Andorra is a even more relevant opportunity for those digital entrepreneurs who, in a post-COVID 19 situation, do not see the need to reside where they currently do to do their job or carry out their business.

2 thoughts on “Andorra para emprendedores digitales”

  1. Hello! It was to know if it was possible to obtain tax residency in Andorra through qualified training (teacher) and at the same time declare (IRPF) income derived from other activities (poker). If so, would it also be necessary to make the €50k deposit?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hello Eric, thank you very much for your comment.

      As I mentioned, the problem is that, on the one hand, the qualified profession forces you to carry out the economic activity for which you are a qualified professional. And on the other hand, to carry out other different activities, you must adopt some legal route (commerce or company). It could be evaluated, but we would have to see the fit. It could be evaluated, although it is an alternative that has its risks.

      The only thing that can be done, as long as it does not represent professional activity, is to manage one's own capital and invest it.


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Andorra for digital entrepreneurs
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