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hotels andorra accommodation the best hotel

Guide to hotels in Andorra in 2020

Although the issue of accommodation is not key for people who want to reside in Andorra, it is key for those occasional travelers who visit this small country in the Pyrenees for a few days. For this, they must stay in one of their hotels, and that is why it is to them that this is mainly dedicated.

Andorra, a country with more than 20 museums

More than 20 museums to see in Andorra

Another of the many unknown things about the Principality of Andorra is that it is one of the countries with the most museums per square meter in the world. As this jurisdiction is so small and with such a concentration of museums, it is easy to obtain this recognition. Although most small, there are museums on absolutely different things and

Getting to Andorra, easy travel in 6 tips | Andorra Insiders

How to get to Andorra? Easy in 6 tips

Many people may be interested in getting to and going through the Principality of Andorra. Whether immigrants seeking to expatriate and settle in the country for various reasons (especially its great fiscal attractiveness), opening a business creating a company, working in high season as a temporary worker to live a different experience and reside

Banks, accounts and payments in Andorra. Andorran banking system. Advantages, operation. Andorra Insiders.

The 5 banks of Andorra and bank account

One of the key elements when investing in a foreign country or simply moving to reside in it is the banking sector. Whether to open a basic checking account to carry out the regular periodic expenses as a resident, to operate a business in the country with a company account

Spain-Andorra Social Security Agreement

Social Security Agreement with Spain

When a Spanish person or resident in Spain asks to establish their residence in a different country, one of the most general doubts that may arise is whether the contributions and benefits of Spanish social security are also valid for the Andorran woman. That is, if retirement, health coverage and other types

General indirect tax or VAT in Andorra

VAT in Andorra: indirect tax (IGI)

Indirect taxes are usually called painless basically because the amounts are divided into multiple small payments (each time we consume) and for ending said dissolved payments in the price system, having the perception that the cost of the product is actually the amount total. The truth is that while they are

Corporation tax (IS) in Andorra in 2020

Corporation tax in Andorra (IS)

As we already commented in our article on taxes in Andorra and on opening a company in the country, one of the most recent taxes is the one that taxes the profits of companies, since until 2011 it did not exist (it was approved on December 29 2010, Law 95/2010) and until 2012 no

IRPF, the income tax in Andorra

IRPF, the income tax in Andorra

One of the most important taxes in Andorra is personal income tax. With an effective rate that never exceeds 10%, the Andorran Natural Income Tax stands out for being one of the lowest in Europe despite maintaining the principle of progressivity like other countries. In this

Internet in Andorra, connection and 100% coverage

Internet en Andorra: fibra óptica y teléfono

Why is internet connection in Andorra interesting? As everyone knows, Andorra is located in the middle of the Pyrenees between France and Spain. It is therefore understandable that such a location is poorly accessible. For this reason, the Principality has spent many years trying to connect in every possible way with the


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