Taxes on cryptocurrencies in Spain

Taxes on cryptocurrencies in Spain

Previously from Andorra Insiders we explained the treatment of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in Andorra. However, we have verified that, despite the fact that the vast majority of jurisdictions in all the countries of the world are pointing in the same direction and it is already very clear, ordinary people ignore the tax treatment they have ... Read more

The King of Spain visits Andorra for the first time

The King of Spain in Andorra for the first time

The days 25 and 26 of March of this year 2021 were scheduled for King Felipe VI of Spain and Queen Letizia to visit the Principality of Andorra as the first monarchs to do so. A peculiar visit that has become quite viral, since despite the proximity, ... Read more

The Spain-Andorra double taxation agreement

Spain-Andorra double taxation agreement or CDI

The reason for double taxation agreements is that when income, assets, a product or service, or in short, an action subject to taxation, is likely to be taxed in two or more different jurisdictions, a double taxation conflict arises. The two countries feel the power separately to apply... Read more

Taxes in Andorra vs Spain: comparison

Andorra vs Spain taxes: comparison GUIDE 2022

¿Cómo son los impuestos en Andorra vs España? Dado que la procedencia de la mayor parte de los residentes en Andorra son españoles, se hacía preciso hacer una guía para comparar los impuestos entre Andorra y España, con el fin de que entiendan por qué es tan atractivo este pequeño país de los Pirineos y … Read more

Spain-Andorra social security: bilateral agreement

Spain-Andorra social security: bilateral agreement

When a Spanish person or resident in Spain asks to establish their residence in a different country, one of the most general doubts that may arise is whether the contributions and benefits of Spanish social security are also valid for the Andorran woman. That is, if retirement, health coverage and other types ... Read more