Who benefits from living in Andorra?

Insiders: our typical clients and frequent proposals

Let's make it clear from the beginning: Andorra is a great option especially for all those who do not need a location or physical means to operate and carry out their professional activity. Why? Although there are other reasons, the main one is that as the Principality is outside the European Union, carrying out movements of people and goods internationally and handling customs significantly reduces the profitability and efficiency of the activity.

That is why activities with digital products and services They can start a business, open their business, and move to the country much more easily than other professionals. Serve as examples: distance professors and consultants of various kinds, online marketing businesses, everything related to computer programs and web and mobile applications, financial traders and investors, cryptocurrency businesses, content creators of any platform, etc.

However, it can also be interesting for those people who, although they require physical location to carry out their activities, your products or services are intangible. We therefore speak of artists and actors, elite athletes, etc. Of course, provided they can justify their activity and / or residence in Andorra with the consequent requirements (see pages on create a company and the residence in Andorra).

Thus, in this section we have compiled the most frequent types of clients in Andorra Insiders, as well as the advantages, requirements and procedures for their establishment and installation in Andorra. What kind of Insider is he? Tell us here. We provide solutions.

Being self-employed in Andorra in 2020: requirements

Being self-employed or freelance in Andorra in 2022: requirements

When someone sees all the youtubers and other entrepreneurs go to live in Andorra, a question that may arise is whether they are self-employed in Andorra or, in general, if there is such a figure in the country. Also, if so, how can this be done or what are the requirements to be able to do it, as well as which

Retired or retired executive in Andorra in 2020

Retirement in Andorra, benefits and retirement

Retirement in Andorra has many advantages over other countries. And it is that in addition to the profiles on digital businesses, also those of individuals or groups of individuals with great wealth who want to retire and not do business are the most common profiles of new residents in the Principality. One of them is

Youtuber, streamer or influencer in Andorra in 2020

Youtubers, streamers, influencers in Andorra

As is well known, many youtubers (now also streamers) and influencers, also called content creators, have moved their residence to the Principality of Andorra, mainly motivated by the tax appeal. As with all digital businesses, the possibility of carrying out the activity of youtuber regardless of the physical location or physical means to manage and

cryptocurrency blockchain bitcoin trading

Cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in Andorra

As in the case of brokers and traders, like all businesses related to cryptocurrencies and tokens and the various blockchain applications are purely digital and do not require a physical location, they are a very frequent target customer to go to live in Andorra. . This, of course, has also come as

Andorra Insiders: clients, proposals and solutions