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Tax and legal services

On this page you will find many of the services we offer at Andorra Insiders. Of course, as always, in a clear and orderly manner so that it is readable and easy to understand. We provide advisory, consulting and management services at all levels, as well as other extra services.

Services for companies

Opening a business in Andorra

Since its economic opening, Andorra allows foreign investors to establish or invest in pre-existing companies in the Principality.

Form a society in this country it involves a lot of advantages, although it stands out especially in terms of taxation:

  • 10% of general type of corporation tax
  • 2% corporation tax for certain businesses
  • Average of 15.5% of social contributions per employee
  • Lower indirect taxes in Europe (IGI, 4.5%)
  • Company maintenance fees of around € 1,000 per year

For incorporate a company in Andorra need follow some very important steps and personalized, for which it is best to have holistic professional services in this area, such as Andorra Insiders.

Tax advice

In these times, where the tax burden is the highest in human history, taxes can be and in fact are a very relevant factor in business and market competitiveness.

The tax planningHowever, it should always be undertaken with the advice of the best experts and from prudence, in order to avoid contingencies with the tax authorities.

Optimize the taxation of your company To obtain the maximum performance it can be crucial to improve and have an advantage over your competitors, especially in the jurisdiction of Andorra. This way you can expand and guarantee the growth of your business internationally.

Create a new company it may be, as the case may be, to transfer the business from another country, open a new line or market, restructure the existing one or exercise a new business model. Every case is a world, tell us your case.

According to the objectives, the starting point, the sector and countries in which it operates, the volume of business, the jurisdiction of the company and its structure, etc. the optimal fiscal strategy can change.

At Andorra Insiders we will implement the best alternative for your situation, taking advantage of all andorra tax advantages. We have the best tax specialists, with a deep knowledge of Andorran and international taxation that will provide you with the best services.

Accounting agency and consulting

Your Andorran company is obliged to fulfill all the obligations that derive from the laws and regulations of the Principality of Andorra. Complying with formal, accounting, tax and legal obligations is a strict duty that in our view must in any case be supervised by a professional in the sector. At Andorra Insiders we offer you complete management with the following services:

Accounting and financial management

  • Documentation management and filing
  • Accounting keeping
  • Tracking and safekeeping of books
  • Bank and balance reconciliation
  • Year-end closing, formulation and approval of the annual accounts.
  • Deposit of annual accounts in the Companies Registry

Fiscal management

  • Completion of tax returns that are applicable (ISOC, IRPF, IRNR and IGI)
  • Presentation to the Andorran Tax Agency of the declarations before the Department of Taxes and Borders

Legal advice

At Andorra Insiders we provide a complete legal service for your business. The support is classified into the following legal specialties:

  • Commercial law: We manage all kinds of corporate interventions (incorporations, acquisitions, capital operations, dissolutions, mergers and divisions & # 8230;) and legal review procedures: compliance Y KYC (government and bank), due diligence, commercial alliances, national and international associations. We also administer bankruptcy law, internationalization of companies and forecast of money laundering, among others.
  • Tax law, tax advice relating to all tax obligations of the company, or derived from the transfer of residence of natural or legal persons. Advice oriented to the strict fulfillment of the obligations as well as the optimization of the tax burden, access to exemptions, deductions and bonuses that may be applicable.
  • Labor Law, employment advice regarding the hiring of staff in Andorra, as well as the implications for retirement and the compatibility of Andorran Social Security (CASS) with other Social Security systems in neighboring countries.
  • Real estate law: Urban contracts, errands real estate, real estate business structures, leases, urban audit, communities of owners, licenses and authorizations and administrative resources.

International and electronic commerce

Like international trade companies, E-Commerce in Andorra is a great opportunity if companies are well structured, both for their fiscal and operational advantages and legal certainty. As Insiders we can discern between fullfillment Y dropshipping:

  • Fullfillment: Andorra is very well located to serve the whole of Europe, but the goods that enter Andorra must go through Customs before going to Europe (as they are not from the EU). However, these extra costs in customs and transport management, can be compensated by the low Andorran taxation, depending on the VAT applied in the country of destination, type of product, as well as the taxation in Andorra.
  • Dropshipping: Even greater are the advantages of this type of trade. By avoiding the storage of products, the own costs of storage, customs and international transport are eliminated, being the full tax advantages. It consists of billing the customer in Andorra taking and passing the order (and shipping details) to wholesaler, who then dispatches the goods directly to the end customer.


A holding (hold) is a partnership for own or manage all or a large part of the shares of other companies, in order to obtain total or partial control over the other companies.

In addition to the optimization of expenses, risk reduction and accounting efficiency as a characteristic of holding companies in general, a holding company in Andorra has unbeatable tax advantages:

  • Dividends resulting from foreign companies that are related to a holding company, for an Andorran who participates in it, are not taxed by Individual Income Tax (Personal Income Tax).
  • Exempt from corporation tax the profits that the holding companies in Andorra may receive from their association with any foreign company, under compliance with certain requirements.

If you need to establish a holding company in the country, do not hesitate to contact Andorra Insiders to do it with the best guarantees and services.

Domiciliation and management

If your company in or business in Andorra does not have its own headquarters, Andorra Insiders can provide you with a physical address for the social, legal and commercial domiciliation of your company. Thus, we assign your company a address in Andorra as fiscal and / or commercial headquarters, with all the advantages that this implies. From your address in Andorra, we manage the reception and the procedures for correspondence and postal or electronic parcels.

The types of direct debit of companies that we offer are:

  • Registered Office: It would correspond to the place where the administration and direction of your company is located, or where its main establishment or operation is located, and which is used in the deeds and in the Commercial Registry.
  • Commercial Domiciliation: It would result in the physical space in which a company serves its clients and manages their requests. This is the place where he really sells his image in terms of its physical display. In Andorra it is required that the business address is exclusively for a specific company, and different companies cannot be domiciled in the same office (unless they share a shareholder).
  • Tax Domiciliation: It is the place of location of the taxpayer in his relations with the Tax Administration (the address where the tax notifications of the administration would be received).

We take care of all procedures. You will not have to worry about anything and you will get a significant saving in the administration of your mail and documentation.

Natural persons and human resources services

Residence and work for others

The residence and work authorization gives the right to reside and work in the Principality of Andorra, in the conditions determined by the Law.

The main requirements to obtain it are:

  • Have an employment contract with an Andorran company
  • Fix your residence in Andorra (reside more than 183 days).

This residence and work authorization is delivered by a initial duration of one year and it is renewed three times for two-year periods. During the first year, the authorization holder cannot change the economic sector for which the authorization has been requested and obtained. After seven years from the date of initial granting of the authorization, the successive renewals are delivered for periods of a duration of ten years.

Come live, reside and work in the Principality. Become one of the Insiders.

Residence and self-employment

The residence and self-employment authorization entitles you to reside and work in the Principality, under the conditions determined by law. The main requirements to obtain it are, to exercise a self-employment (as an entrepreneur or professional) and establish residence in Andorra (reside more than 183 days).

The colloquially known as "residence for entrepreneurs" requires:

  • Participation greater than 20% of the Andorran society in question
  • Hold a position in the administrative body of the same company
  • That the company develops commercial activity
  • Deposit a deposit of 15,000 euros to the Andorran Financial Authority (which will be returned when the person ceases to be a resident of Andorra).

The residence and self-employment authorization is issued by a initial duration of one year and it is renewed three times for two-year periods. After seven years have elapsed from the date of initial granting of the authorization, successive renewals are delivered for periods of ten years.

Andorra Insiders will provide you with the services needed to process the authorization, strictly complying with the requirements and documentation.

Passive or non-profit residence

The non-profit residence authorizes to reside in Andorra, but does not authorize work in Andorran territory. However, you can carry out the necessary functions to manage your own assets.

The so-called "passive residence" requires:

  • That the person reside permanently and effective in the Principality of Andorra for at least 90 days per calendar year.
  • That the holder of the Authorization invests, within 6 months of obtaining residence, the amount of € 400,000 in Assets in Andorran territory (Real estate, equity investments in Andorran companies, Andorran debt instruments or unpaid AFA deposits).
  • Of the € 400,000, allocate € 50,000 to an unpaid Deposit of the Andorran Financial Authority (AFA), as well as an additional € 10,000 for each person in charge.

The initial non-profit residence authorization is granted for a period of two years extendable. The first renewal is granted for a period of two years, and the second and subsequent, for a period of three years. The foreigner holder for at least seven years of a residence authorization without lucrative activity obtains, in case of requesting it and fulfilling the requirements established by this Law, the renewal of this authorization for a duration of ten years. The same period applies to successive renewals.

The nationals spanish, French and
portugueseHowever, they only need a three-year renewal to access the ten-year renewal.

Our legal, fiscal, accounting and commercial experts will advise and help you in all the conditions, procedures and decisions to follow. Do you want to request this authorization? Contact Andorra Insiders and tell us your situation.

Relocation of workers

The Principality of Andorra is not part of the European Union, which is certainly a obstacle to the free movement of people, capital and the provision of services for the customs issue. 

For this reason, the possibility of obtaining permits to displace workers it exists, and it is habitual, but it requires a bureaucratic procedure and it has a cost that will depend on the worker's stay in Andorran territory. 

Under Andorran regulations, it is imperative that the temporary posting of workers to the Principality scrupulously meet all requirements in matters of social security and immigration. 

It is common, for example, that Andorran construction companies or developers subcontract to companies resident in Spain or France. For the transfer of workers to Andorra, the Andorran company that subcontracts must request authorization on its behalf, indicating, among other information:

  1. Identification of Andorran society.
  2. Identification of the worker.
  3. Identification of the company for which you work.
  4. Identification of the project to be carried out.
  5. Worker's stay in Andorra and accommodation.

The administrative requirements and fees to be paid depend on the stay, and the maximum period that a worker can be posted is 2 years, being able to reach that temporary milestone by linking requests for extensions of 6 months in 6 months. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if it is a relevant project, an extension of the displacement can be requested ad-hoc, being left to the discretion of the immigration authority to grant or deny it.

At Andorra Insiders we have the best advisers in labor and immigration matters in the Principality of Andorra, with experience in moving work teams of computer scientists, engineers, construction operators and many other sectors. If you must displace your workers, do so with the best guarantees, coverage and in accordance with Andorran regulations to avoid penalties or warnings. May contact us here for it.

Accommodation, housing and premises

To live in Andorra by obtaining the residence obviously needs to have a home, either purchased or with a lease. In addition, if your activity is on your own and constitutes a company in Andorra, is going to need a local or commercial space, which can be a part of the same house or maybe you need your own office or offices.

At Andorra Insiders we know first-hand both the country and its real estate market, and we collaborate with agents in the sector at all levels. Thus, we can help you get the best real estate services to have the home or premises that best suits your conditions and particular situation.

From simple offices less than 45 square meters to floors and entire office buildings, and from one-bedroom apartments to authentic luxury mountain mansions, the versatility we have is complete.

Day-to-day guide, other procedures

When moving to a different and new country, the points of reference and knowledge, as well as the habits and daily actions change. As Insiders we can provide you information and advice on the most frequent aspects of the Principality's daily life.

Things like where to shop for the week, the best leisure, sports, catering, home furnishings, activities and events in the Principality, family doctor, specialists, clinics, specific goods and services, etc. they are essential and a little help never hurts. That is also the purpose of our articles.

Or also to approve and change your driving license for Andorra, or find a vehicle according to your needs. Whatever we can help you with, we provide support without obligation. Customized services.

Andorra Insiders services. Advisory, consulting, management.