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Tax advice, management and accounting consultancy in Andorra. Legal advisory services and commercial consulting, domiciliation and management. The best tax advisors in the country
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Tax advisor for individuals with large capital, human resources
Immigration consultants, hiring in businesses. International tax planning. Active and passive residence, residence and self-employment, employed, passive or non-profit residence, regrouping, accommodation, housing and premises
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Advice for specific investments
Acquisition of real estate, cryptocurrencies, electronic and international commerce, trading, fixed and variable income, holdings, international operations. Tax treatment and optimization of complex financial operations.
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Tax advisor in Andorra

In Abast we have specialized tax advisors in the Principality of Andorra, and we focus on the establishment of people and businesses in the country. If you have a company and want to optimize its taxation, in our office you will find the advice you need. hand in hand more than 20 professional experts With extensive experience and specialization in different sectors and jurisdictions, you will find the best way to take advantage of your returns and grow your business. Whatever your operation, we will seek the best way to carry it out in Andorra under strict compliance with the law.

If, on the other hand, it is an individual natural person with a large capital, also we will put at your disposal a tax advisor. In our office we accumulate the experience of more than 15 years advising individuals who have investments in different assets throughout the different jurisdictions of the world and want to settle in Andorra. If you are interested in taking advantage of the Andorran low taxation, we can help you preserve and manage your wealth with international tax planning.

With us immigration services we will help you get the residence that best suits you and to manage the necessary personnel for your project. Active residence and self-employment, passive or non-profit residence, residence and work for others or contracts, residence by regrouping... Managing the human resources of a company is complex, especially when specialized personnel are required for essential functions in the business. That is why we offer the best legal services in immigration matters.

Tax advice and services for companies

Tax advisor for individuals, human resources

tax advisory services, tax advisor in Andorra for companies and individuals