Being self-employed in Andorra in 2023: freelance requirements

Being self-employed in Andorra or freelance in 2022: requirements

When someone sees all the youtubers and other entrepreneurs go to live in Andorra, a question that may arise is whether they are self-employed in Andorra or, in general, if there is such a figure in the country. Also, if so, how can this be done or what are the requirements to be able to do it, as well as which ... Read more

Spain-Andorra social security: bilateral agreement

Spain-Andorra social security: bilateral agreement

When a Spanish person or resident in Spain asks to establish their residence in a different country, one of the most general doubts that may arise is whether the contributions and benefits of Spanish social security are also valid for the Andorran woman. That is, if retirement, health coverage and other types ... Read more

Health in Andorra in 2023: how does it work?

Health in Andorra explained in detail, the Andorran health system, the saas and the CASS

La sanidad en Andorra es público-privada y funciona mediante un sistema de gestión parapública con convenios regulados y financiación subvencionada por la seguridad social mediante copago. El sistema sanitario andorrano es un sistema tan competente y eficiente que le ha valido el ser considerada como la mejor sanidad del mundo o de las mejores del … Read more