The 7 parishes of the Principality of Andorra

The 7 parishes of Andorra

Andorra is a small country located in the heart of the Pyrenean mountain range between France and Spain, covering an area of 468km2. Counting approximately 85 000 inhabitants, its mountainous territory is divided into administrative and geographical districts, the parishes, within which various towns and cities are established, such as the capital Andorra la & # 8230; Read more

Andorra 10 years of transformation

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In this article we will cover the history of the last great Andorran transformation: its international economic and legal opening, its modernization and its determined commitment to attract innovation and foreign capital. A bit of history Andorra has been a very prominent country, especially in the last half century. Already in the hippie years of 1960, in full & # 8230; Read more

5 tips before traveling to Andorra for tourists

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Are you going to Andorra recently and you don't know very well how to manage this trip? In this article we will give 5 tips or advice that you must take into account when visiting this country so that the management is as easy and enjoyable as possible and you can enjoy the Principality without too many complications. & # 8230; Read more

10 impulses taken in Andorra for the environment

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The Principality located in the Pyrenees just between France and Spain takes initiative regarding the environment through projects of various kinds. It is not surprising either, given its small size and its dependence on landscape and nature. Not only for the country itself, but also for foreigners, tourism of which & # 8230; Read more

15 reasons to invest in Andorra

15 reasons to invest in Andorra, business insiders

In this article we are going to explain 15 quick reasons why investing in Andorra, be it creating a company, residing in the Principality, or acquiring real estate or bonds and bills of the country is a good idea. The Principality has a very stable political framework and economy. With an economic growth of 3.2% of & # 8230; Read more

Health in Andorra in 2022 explained in detail

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Health is certainly one of the key points that make Andorra an extraordinary country. This highly competent and efficient system has earned Andorra the status of being the best healthcare in the world or one of the best in the world in different and varied rankings. For example, the medical journal The Lancet & # 8230; Read more