Housing in Andorra: buy or rent a property

Housing in Andorra: buy or rent a property

An article about housing could not be missing in an information portal about Andorra specialized in establishing people and businesses in the country, and that is why we have written this article. Finding a property that suits your preferences is essential to live in Andorra, whether it is purchased or ... Read more

Taxes on cryptocurrencies in Spain and Europe

Taxes on cryptocurrencies in Spain and Europe | Andorra Insiders

Previously from Andorra Insiders we explained the treatment of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in Andorra. However, we have verified that, despite the fact that the vast majority of jurisdictions in all the countries of the world are pointing in the same direction and it is already very clear, ordinary people ignore the tax treatment they have ... Read more

Withholdings in Andorra and CDI with Spain

Withholdings in Andorra and CDI with Spain | Andorra Insiders

Cuando una renta, un patrimonio, un producto o servicio o en resumen una acción sujeta a tributación es susceptible de ser gravada en dos o más jurisdicciones distintas, se produce un conflicto de doble imposición. Los dos países sienten la potestad por separado de aplicar su legislación y su normativa al hecho generador objeto de … Read more

VAT in Andorra: indirect tax (IGI)

General indirect tax or VAT in Andorra

Indirect taxes are usually called painless basically because the amounts are divided into multiple small payments (each time we consume) and for ending said dissolved payments in the price system, having the perception that the cost of the product is actually the amount total. The truth is that while they are & # 8230; Read more

Corporation tax in Andorra (IS)

Corporation tax (IS) in Andorra in 2020

As we already commented in our article on taxes in Andorra and in opening a company in the country, one of the most recent taxes is the one that taxes the profits of companies, since until 2011 it did not exist (it was approved on December 29 of 2010, Law 95/2010) and until 2012 no & # 8230; Read more

IRPF, the income tax in Andorra

IRPF, the income tax in Andorra

One of the most important taxes in Andorra is personal income tax. With an effective rate that never exceeds 10%, the Andorran Natural Income Tax stands out for being one of the lowest in Europe despite maintaining the principle of progressivity like other countries. In this & # 8230; Read more

The 9 double taxation agreements

The 8 double taxation agreements in Andorra, Andorra Insiders

Although many people will not know it, the Principality of Andorra has been carrying out an ambitious process of international economic opening for more than a decade, started in 2010 with the agreement on the exchange of tax information with Spain and deepened with the new foreign investment law of 2012, initiating in this way some legal changes and & # 8230; Read more