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General indirect tax or VAT in Andorra

VAT in Andorra: indirect tax (IGI)

Indirect taxes are usually called painless basically because the amounts are divided into multiple small payments (each time we consume) and for ending said dissolved payments in the price system, having the perception that the cost of the product is actually the amount total. The truth is that while they are

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Corporation tax (IS) in Andorra in 2020

Corporation tax in Andorra (IS)

As we already commented in our article on taxes in Andorra and on opening a company in the country, one of the most recent taxes is the one that taxes the profits of companies, since until 2011 it did not exist (it was approved on December 29 2010, Law 95/2010) and until 2012 no

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IRPF, the income tax in Andorra

IRPF, the income tax in Andorra

One of the most important taxes in Andorra is personal income tax. With an effective rate that never exceeds 10%, the Andorran Natural Income Tax stands out for being one of the lowest in Europe despite maintaining the principle of progressivity like other countries. In this

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Internet in Andorra, connection and 100% coverage

Internet in Andorra: fiber optics and telephone

Why is internet connection in Andorra interesting? As everyone knows, Andorra is located in the middle of the Pyrenees between France and Spain. It is therefore understandable that such a location is poorly accessible. For this reason, the Principality has spent many years trying to connect in every possible way with the

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No crime and crime, security in Andorra

Andorra, country without crime or delinquency

As we saw in the article on the history of Andorra, the Principality has traditionally been an example of peace and warlike neutrality. Since the signing of the «Pariatges» and especially since the creation of the Earth Council in 1419, one of the oldest parliaments in the world, Andorra has lived in complete

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The 8 double taxation agreements in Andorra, Andorra Insiders

The 9 double taxation agreements

Although many people will not know it, the Principality of Andorra has been carrying out an ambitious process of international economic opening for more than a decade, started in 2010 with the agreement on the exchange of tax information with Spain and deepened with the new foreign investment law of 2012, initiating in this way some legal changes and

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Retired or retired executive in Andorra in 2020

Retirement in Andorra, benefits and retirement

Retirement in Andorra has many advantages over other countries. And it is that in addition to the profiles on digital businesses, also those of individuals or groups of individuals with great wealth who want to retire and not do business are the most common profiles of new residents in the Principality. One of them is

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Youtuber, streamer or influencer in Andorra in 2020

Youtubers, streamers, influencers in Andorra

As is well known, many youtubers (now also streamers) and influencers, also called content creators, have moved their residence to the Principality of Andorra, mainly motivated by the tax appeal. As with all digital businesses, the possibility of carrying out the activity of youtuber regardless of the physical location or physical means to manage and

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cryptocurrency blockchain bitcoin trading

Cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in Andorra

As in the case of brokers and traders, like all businesses related to cryptocurrencies and tokens and the various blockchain applications are purely digital and do not require a physical location, they are a very frequent target customer to go to live in Andorra. . This, of course, has also come as

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