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5 tips before traveling to Andorra for tourists

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Are you traveling to Andorra recently and do not know very well how to manage this trip? In this article we will give 5 tips or advice that you should keep in mind when visiting this country so that the management is as easy and enjoyable as possible and you can enjoy the Principality without too many complications.

About telephony and mobile internet

Do not enter the country with the foreign mobile internet activated, or activate it at any time once inside. The strictest recommendation we can give is turn off the phone at the border, before entering the country and turn it on again but without entering the PIN or activate the SIM card. Thus, the mobile will be completely blocked at the telephone level and they will not be able to charge you any cost absolutely nonsense.

We make that recommendation because there are telephone companies that charge to receive the call in a foreign country, so even if you turn off the data or do not answer the calls, you can charge a bonus for receiving that call on a foreign network.

Only if you are absolutely sure that this is not your case can it be advisable not to do the restart, although it is the safest. If this is your case and you decide not to restart your phone, the advice is that you should remember not to take any incoming call and turn off the data of the device before entering the country and not turn it back on that SIM card until you return to the country of origin.

But then how do I connect?

andorra wife free internet

Andorra is a pioneer country in technology and internet connection. The first solution is that you wait to go to your hotel or lodging place, restaurant, etc. where you can access the internet via local WIFI and you can connect, using the local wife of that site.

The second option, but only if it is an emergency is to connect to one of multiple free wife networks that are spread through all the country. For example, the Andorra wifi offered by the Andorran select company, Andorra Telecom, is a free Wi-Fi network that connects the most important points of the country. Also, the libraries and (common) municipalities of Andorra have free Wi-Fi and even some shopping centers such as the River Shopping Center, located in Sant Julia de Lòria, or the same Ill Carlemany.

Use this second option only if it is an emergency and never enter personal or important information such as credit cards, passwords or ID. These networks are not secure.

And finally, if you want to have 4g mobile internet and not rely on WiFis to access the network, one of the tips is to buy a prepaid card for your visit. One option is the famous card Holly or similar with which you can get mobile connection in many countries. Another alternative is to buy a andorra Telecom prepaid internet card with which you can browse, call and send SMS, although it is better to see the communication prices of the card before using it.

Andorra and the snow

Don't leave Andorra without having enjoyed the snow, unless your trip is in summer. If you travel in seasons outside of snow, you must also visit the wonderful Andorran mountain landscape to discover the whole country. Having three natural parks of which one world heritage site, lakes and unique peaks not to escape to the Andorran mountains is a sin, with forgiveness.

andorra travel snow grandvalira

Andorra in winter is splendid. Climbing a ski resort should be in your plans, even if its not for skiing. The Principality is one of the best sites in the Pyrenees for the experience of the mountains and the good snow. You can not only ski, but do all kinds of activities. For this we offer you to go to 3 ski resorts where you can not only ski, so you do not leave here without enjoying the snow.


Grandvalira is the largest ski resort in Andorra, and one of the largest in the world. It has 7 different sectors from which to access its tracks and peaks (Encamp, Canillo, Solder, Gray Rig, Ex Tarter, Patrol, Pas de la Casey). With more than 120 slopes and more than 200 km of skiing, this is undoubtedly the great Andorran ski resort. The Grandvalira ski pass is one of the most expensive (although not so much) but it works for all these sectors. It is the definitive option for a great weekend. 

On the activities without skiing, in the Gray Rig sector you can do activities such as snowmobiles (€120 for 2 seats) or make an igloo, and in the Paley de Gel de Canillo you can skate on ice with a track that is open all the year, and other activities such as go-karting, quads etc. This track, in addition, is free for the Super 3 Clubs.

Andorra Vallnord

Although Vallnord it has fewer sectors (Pal, Arousal, Ordino Arcades), it is more affordable than Grandvalira. The price of the ski pass for an adult is €41 and for beginner skiers there is a ski pass for €19.50 that allows you to take the chairlift and conveyor belt for beginners, with the access cable car included. The ski pass for children under 6 years old is free and from 6 to 15 years old it costs €35. 

In Pal if you do not like skiing, you can sled on a good track for 5 euros the person with a conveyor belt.


In Naturlanda – La Rabassa there is not only a great cross-country ski resort and snowshoe trails but also a park for adventure activities (snowmobiles, zip lines, etc ...) with an animal park. If you don't like skiing, this beautiful place is probably the best for you if you wonder what to see in Andorra. 

It is divided into two levels: at the 1600 level is the amusement and adventure park and at the 2000 level is the animal park and the Nordic ski slopes and snowshoes. Cross-country skiing or snowshoeing while watching the animals fully integrated into their habitat in a large forest, a beautiful spectacle! The price of the Nordic ski pass is €12 and that of the animal park €14 for adults.

Be careful with shopping

You can buy a lot of reduced price products, but pay special attention to the amount (in monetary value) of what you buy. Shopping in Andorra can be very affordable, not only because VAT or consumption tax there (IGI) is 4.5% or less, but for the special taxes on tobacco, gasoline, alcohol, etc. But the purchases are not unlimited. One of the tips is nothing to buy perfumes, electronics, tobacco and alcohol for the whole neighborhood.

You have to know that there are limits on private importation of these products. If you exceed any of these limits you will have to declare them at customs and pay a fee or fine that will make your product more expensive than if it were a foreigner, even if it is more profitable to be required in some case.

First, note that the maximum limit of the value of what you import per person over 16 must be less than €900. And for each product there is also a different limit:

  • The limit for alcohol below 22 degrees is 3 liters
  • For beer is 16 liters
  • At most you can import 300 units of cigarettes
  • In sugar or candy you must carry less than 5 kilos
  • Milk less than 6 liters
  • Coffee you can only 1 kg
  • And some more limits

In addition, you must also know that the total value of what you wear both when entering and leaving (cash and valuables) must be less than €10,000.

Travel to Andorra with children and pets

The first tip to remember is that you must have all the documentation in hand. If you come from countries with which Andorra has an agreement, such as Spain, France or Portugal with the DNI of all people you can enter the Principality. If not you must have the passport and / or other documentation in order and force.

So if you travel with children on board, do not forget that they must have ID and have it in force.

Activities with children

Well, the truth is that you can do almost anything: from mountain walks, hiking in nature and routes to lakes to snow sports such as skiing, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling. You can also go to Naturlandia, to the Caldea spa… almost all plans can be made with children in Andorra. Even so, we recommend five that are key:

andorra traveling children naturlandia
  1. The Chaldea Lipids, in the spa of Chaldea, to spend 3 hours in the SPA with your partner alone while the children have fun in an exclusive children spa with monitors and have a great time.
  2. The second plan is to got ice-skate in the ice skating rink of the Paley de Gel in Canillo. A plan that we also remember is free if you have the Super 3 Club cards.
  3. Go to ; the two dimensions of Naturlandia and enjoy your adventure activities, animals and the small snowshoe circuit, lovely for everyone.
  4. Walking among animals and dinosaurs through the Jerri contemporary gardens located in Sant Julia de Lòria. In these private gardens but whose visit is free of charge, you can find a collection of contemporary art sculptures taken care of by their owner, as well as dinosaurs and many other animals.
  5. You can also do easy hiking trails such as the Ruth Del ferry, on foot or with snowshoes on a small route where your children will discover everything about the exploitation of the old iron mines or the green ring path
  6. Finally, the museums could not be missing. The Miniature Museum, the Carmen Thyssen Museum, the National Automobile Museum, or the ARTALROC exhibition hall

Animals on the trip to the Principality

If you take a dog you must complete certain documentation before visiting the country of the Pyrenees. The requirements to enter animals in Andorra is that they have to be over 3 months of age, they have to have the animal passport that your veterinarian will make you, the rabies vaccine a day and next to it there must be a serology that of negative in rage of the animal made by your veterinarian.

The chains or contact tires

If you visit the country in winter, make sure that you carry chains or winter contact wheels in your vehicle.

No excuses that if it is a good day, if it is only a moment or that you will not climb much, The Pyrenees climate is very treacherous and can change in a short time and start to snow. On the other hand, on a cold day, nobody assures you of not finding an ice or snow plate on the road. Therefore, never forget the chains, and being able to be 4, one for each wheel if you go to Andorra by motor home or 2 minimum if you go by car.

andorra travel chains winter

In addition, in 2015 a modification of the Andorra Traffic Code entered into force, in which it forces to bring adequate equipment (chains or tires adapted) to all vehicles that circulate on the roads and streets of the small country of the Pyrenees. The obligation begins each season on November 1st, and finish the May 15th of the following year

Normally the andorra police fine only when in case of snowfall or ice on the road (although you can do it at any time within that mandatory period), a vehicle gets stuck hindering the movement.

The amount of the penalty goes from 180 euros at 500 euros in the case of vehicles of more than 3.5 tons. And to avoid it, the vehicle must be equipped with winter tires or with metal or cloth chains, which are suitable for the dimensions of the wheels. At a minimum they must be carried on the tractor wheels. The measure affects both Andorran residents vehicles and no residents ones.

One last point

Finally we remember and recommend contact us if they want to settle in Andorra, move to this country, open your company in Andorra o reside and live in Andorra. You can make it pressing here. They can also see the all general advantages offered by the Principality of the Pyrenees.

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