Flag and coat of arms of Andorra: discover what they are and their meaning


The flag and coat of arms of Andorra are essential symbols that reflect the history and culture of this small European principality. Each element of these emblems has a deep meaning, representing the identity and political evolution of the country.

The flag of Andorra

The flag of Andorra, officially adopted in 1971, is made up of three vertical stripes of blue, yellow and red, with the coat of arms in the center.

  • Blue: Symbolizes heaven and peace.
  • Yellow: Represents wealth and natural resources.
  • Red: It means the blood shed for the freedom and bravery of its people.

History of the flag

On another occasion we already wrote an article about the history of Andorra by points or in capsules, where you can obtain more information ordered chronologically.

The flag has evolved from an initial two-tone version of the County of Foix in 1806, composed of yellow and red stripes. In 1866 the blue stripe was added, and in 1914 the design was changed to vertical stripes. The current flag reflects the influence of Emperor Napoleon III, who suggested the addition of blue to represent peace (Wikiwand)​​ (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)​.

The coat of arms of Andorra

The shield of Andorra is divided into four quadrants, each representing different historical entities:

  • Bishopric of Urgel: Golden miter and crosier on a red background.
  • Foix County: Red and yellow bars.
  • Crown of Aragon: Red and yellow bars.
  • Bearne Viscounty: Two red cows in golden field.

The shield on the flag symbolizes the unity and collaboration between these entities (Andorra.com)​​.

Shield meaning

The coat of arms of Andorra underlines the country's historical relationship with Spain and France, represented by the bishopric of Urgell and the county of Foix, respectively. The motto "Virtus Unita Fortior" (Virtue united is stronger) highlights the importance of unity and cooperation in the history of Andorra (Capitals and Flags)​​ (Wikiwand)​.

In conclusion

The flag and coat of arms of Andorra are more than just national symbols. They represent a mix of influences and the resilience of a country that has maintained its independence and identity throughout the centuries (AndBus)​​ (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)​.

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Flag and coat of arms of Andorra: discover what they are and their meaning
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