ESLAND Awards in Andorra in 2024: all the details

The ESLAND Awards have emerged as an essential annual event in the world of Spanish-speaking digital entertainment, bringing together the most prominent content creators, streamers and internet personalities. In their third edition, scheduled for 2024, these awards take an exciting turn by choosing the picturesque country of Andorra as their venue.. Although we already know that Andorra is an ideal place for streamers and content creators.

In this article we dive into all the details of the ESLAND 2024 Awards, from its history and evolution to what we can expect in this special edition in Andorra. There are expectations about how this edition will be compared to previous ones, especially considering the controversies and the highlights of the last one held in Mexico. They can also get More information about the awards here.

ESLAND Awards, awards Andorra 2024

What are the ESLAND Awards?

The ESLAND Awards are an awards gala that emerged as a reference in the universe of streaming and content creation in the Spanish-speaking community. We could say that it is like the Oscar awards or the Goya Awards, but with digital content creators. That is to say: applied to digital entertainment on the Internet, instead of to the film industry. Or like the Grammy in music. In fact, ESLAND comes from Spain (ES), Latin America (LA) and Andorra (AND), the regions of Spanish-speaking content creators.

This annual ceremony recognizes and celebrates the excellence and impact of content creators on various digital platforms. Since its inception, the ESLAND Awards have been a platform to highlight those individuals who have left a significant mark in the world of digital entertainment, whether through its innovative content, its ability to connect with mass audiences or its influence on popular culture.

The essence of these awards lies in their ability to reflect the evolution and current trends in the digital world. Each year, award categories are adjusted and evolved to better represent achievements and contributions. most notable within the community of creators. These categories range from 'Best Content Creator of the Year' until 'Best Viral Moment', thus offering a complete vision of the diversity and richness of digital content.

Beyond the award ceremony, The ESLAND Awards are an event of great expectation and congregation for the digital community. It is a space where creators, fans and industry professionals come together to celebrate achievements, share experiences and foster collaborations. The event has not only become a showcase for emerging talent, but also a important meeting point for the digital entertainment industry, thus highlighting its importance and relevance in the contemporary world.

History of the ESLAND Awards

The history of the ESLAND Awards is as fascinating as the world of digital entertainment to which it pays homage. Born from the vision and effort of prominent figures in the streaming community, such as TheGrefg, these awards quickly became an iconic annual event. Since its first edition, the ESLAND Awards have stood out for their ability to adapt and rreflect emerging trends in the world of digital content, rewarding the most innovative creators and charismatics of the Spanish-speaking community.

In their early days, the awards primarily focused on recognizing the most popular streamers and highlights of the year. Over time, the categories have expanded to include a wider variety of content and formats, reflecting the diversification of the world of streaming and content creation. The ESLAND Awards have not only grown in terms of categories, but also in prestige and recognition, attracting the attention of a global audience and consolidating itself as a key meeting point for the industry.

Each edition of the ESLAND Awards has witnessed memorable moments and has served as a launching pad for new talent. These awards not only celebrate past achievements, but also anticipate and shape the future of digital entertainment. Expectations for the new 2024 edition are high, promising a ceremony that not only honors the history of these awards, but also marks a new chapter in their evolution..

2024 edition: a new headquarters in Andorra

The 2024 edition of the ESLAND Awards represents an important milestone in the history of the event, since for the first time it will be held in Andorra. This choice of venue is not only a geographical change, but also a symbol of the growth and international expansion of the awards. Andorra, known for its natural beauty and welcoming atmosphere, provides a unique and exciting setting for the event. This small country nestled in the Pyrenees is famous for its hospitality and vibrant cultural scene, making it the perfect place to welcome the community of Spanish-speaking content creators.

On the other hand, it makes sense that this year 2024 the edition will be in Andorra. The first edition was in Madrid (representative place of Spain), the second in Mexico City (representative place of Latin America) and finally, in this third edition, in Andorra la Vella (Andorra). Thus covering the three areas of ESLAND. This decision to change the venue to Andorra, where TheGrefg, the creator of the awards, resides, promises to bring a new dynamic to the event. Can read more about previous editions here.

Hosting the ESLAND Awards in Andorra also underlines the intention to create an atmosphere of unity and celebration among content creators. The quiet and picturesque nature of Andorra offers a refreshing contrast to the bustle of big cities, allowing attendees to enjoy a more intimate and personal event. This headquarters provides a unique opportunity for creators and guests to connect more closely, share experiences and celebrate their community's achievements in a spectacular setting.

Furthermore, the choice of Andorra as the venue for the ESLAND 2024 Awards reflects a growing trend towards internationalization of these events in the digital world. This move promises to not only raise the profile of the ESLAND Awards, but also promote tourism and the local economy in Andorra, thus demonstrating the positive impact that events of this caliber can have on their host venue.

Categories and Nominees ESLAND 2024

The ESLAND Awards 2024 present a exciting range of categories and nominees, reflecting the diversity and talent in the world of streaming and content creation. These categories reflect not only the variety of content we consume daily, but also the creativity and effort behind each video, stream or post.

The list of categories and their nominees was revealed on January 7, at 11 a.m. Mexico City time. The ESLAND 2024 Awards have 14 categories diverse, where everything from the classic to the most innovative and striking in the world of streaming is rewarded. Each category, defined by specific criteria, celebrates different aspects and achievements in the digital community.

Below we leave a list with all the categories and their respective nominees:

  • Esland Award for best streamer of the year: DjMariio, ElMariana, ElXokas, Ibai Llanos, IlloJuan, RiversGG, Rubius, Spreen, WestCol.
  • Best Newcomer Streamer: Davooxeneize, Adri Contreras, Poloteli, RDJavi, Rene8808, Roier, Santicanob_1974, Spursito, Westcol, Xcry.
  • IRL Streamer of the Year: Alanalarana, ArrozyDesgracias, Brunenger, Grenheir, JapanJordi, Kidi, LlunaClark, MarioTaxi, MarioTQ, Viviendoenlacalle.
  • Esland for best content miniseries: BackRooms, Bellum, 7 days to hit it, El Cielo, El Hoyo en Minecraft, Hiding in France, Garry's Deluxe, Hormigeo 2, Permadeaz 2, Squid Craft Games 2.
  • Nominees for best content series: Dedsafio ARK, The God of Everything, Exodus, Hardcore Experiment, Extreme Minecraft, F1 Online World 2, Pokemon Twitch Cup 3, Project 176, Timeland, Warring Kingdoms 3.
  • Esland 204 Award for event of the year: 24 Hours at the Obelisk, Coscu Army Awards 2023, Dogfight Wild Tournament, King of the Ring, Final Four Spotify Camp Nou, Stand on your hands, Yourubers 4 Great Game, Stream Fighters 2, The last one to raise his hands, The Evening of the Year 3.
  • Nominees for clip of the year: Auronplay, Crystalmolly, Lacuevadepaink, Gemita, Guanyar, Illojuan and El Bokeron, PipePunk, Reptalive, Rubius, Xcry.
  • Anger of the Year Award: Agustín51, DJMaRiiO, Ibai y Messi, Nissaxter, ElXokas, Pipelink, Rickyedit, RiversGG, SezarBlue, Westcol.
  • Nominees for best eSports player of the year: Elyoya, Flakked, Jelty, Josedeodo, Keznit, Koldo, Mazino, Mixwell, Reven, Tecolilla.
  • Best news coverage: Davooxeneize, ElYuste, FlavioAzzaro, Gerard Romero, ZonaFUT, Julio Astillero, KMO, LaCobraaa, Lasectadeportiva, Rubermartinezweb.
  • Candidates for roleplayer of the year: AgentMaxo (Maximus), Desst3, Epidemic77, Eskimalito, Folagorlives, Kenalvsouza, Nexxusz, RDJavi, Roier, Tomateking.

These categories and nominees not only highlight excellence in content creation, but also underscore the evolution and diversity of the digital world. Anticipation grows to see who will be crowned winners at this very special gala in Andorra. Besides, You can see the finalists in each category here. AND here in list form.

Event Dates and Program: last minute changes and controversy

The ESLAND 2024 Awards gala, which recognizes the best streamers and content creators of the year 2023, It was scheduled to take place on two different days: February 16 and 17, 2024.. The reason, according to TheGrefg himself, was to take advantage of the event and the meeting of creators and content throughout the year for something more than a simple awards gala, being a broader event.

However, There has been a last minute change of plans and the event will only be held on February 16. The reason is that The league has set a match FC Andorra, the Andorran football club, just for the 17th. And since the event was going to be held at the Government sports center, the same space used for the matches. And therefore, TheGregf's plans have been truncated, which is why he has become angry and criticized the club and its management (even though these matches are set by LaLiga, and they can't do anything).

The Grefg's idea to celebrate the ESLAND gala was to divide the event into two days:

  • On February 16, there would be a wave of surprise content to prepare the gala. Attendees were going to enjoy a white carpet, a pre-gala event full of surprises and, of course, snow, honoring the winter environment of Andorra.
  • The main day, February 17, was the awards ceremony itself., now at the Govern d'Andorra Sports Center.

But this will not be possible and TheGrefg will have to concentrate the entire gala on Friday, February 16. Because on Saturday the 17th, starting at 4:15 p.m., the matchday 27 of the Hypermotion League is scheduled. It is understood that two events in which a significant public attendance is expected in such a close space would not be compatible, especially for security reasons. This has created a quite important controversy, since the youtuber I had everything ready for both days. Controversy that adds to the last one that has recently fallen on him due to the purchase and renovation of the building years ago.

In any case, the ESLAND gala will not only feature the presentation of awards to the most outstanding content creators, but will also It is expected to include musical performances and the presence of numerous stars from Twitch and other platforms. In addition, this way visitors traveling from Latin America will be able to enjoy and take advantage of their stay in Andorra, which already has limited access.

On the other hand, and linking to the above, This year the tickets will be very expensive, according to TheGrefg himself. And it is because there will be very few in-person entries, given not only the limited access to the country, but also the capacity restrictions of the places. In the end, Andorra is not Madrid or Mexico City and cannot accommodate so many people.

This poses the challenge of some more exclusive entrances, which could also give it a more intimate and special character, as happened with the Andorra Economic Forum, an event we already talked about previously. TheGrefg risks fulfilling his dream of "closing the trident" ESLAND, but risking having a small audience in this 2024 edition. It will be a gala with little real audience, and rather streamers, celebrities and content creators. Therefore, It will also be a much more virtual gala for the general public. That is why the aim is to make a day of surprises and content.

Where and when to see the gala

The ESLAND 2024 Awards can be enjoyed live through various streaming platforms, thus offering fans from all over the world the opportunity to be part of this exciting event. The main stream will be via TheGrefg's Twitch channel, who in addition to organizing the gala, will be its presenter.

Although there is no confirmed time yet, with the ceremony taking place in Andorra on February 16 and 17, Adapted transmission schedules are expected to cover different time zones, thus allowing a global audience to join the celebration. This online accessibility ensures that no one misses the highlights, the performances and of course the announcement of the winners. On the other hand, The exact place where it will be held within Andorra has not yet been confirmed..

How to vote in the ESLAND 2024 awards?

Due to previous controversies, the ESLAND 2024 Awards present a renewed voting system, designed to balance community participation and expert opinion. This year, the votes are divided into two categories: Popular and Professional.

  • Popular Categories: Fans play a crucial role in shortlisting candidates for the 'Clip of the Year' and 'Anger of the Year' categories. Users can propose candidates through social networks such as X (former Twitter) and the Official Reddit of the awards, using the hashtags #EslandCLIP Y #EslandANGER. From the proposals received, ten nominees will be selected, balancing the most viral ones on X and Reddit with editorial choices.
  • Professional Categories: In these categories, the nominees are determined through statistical analysis based on hours viewed and average viewers. The top ten in each category advance to the vote.

Voting Process: The final stage is the ranked vote, where both the public and professionals can vote for their favorites in order. In this system, the public vote has a weight of 25 %, while the professional vote represents 75 %. Professional voters include verified creators on Twitch and other notable personalities across different platforms.

This system seeks a fair balance between community influence and expert assessment, ensuring a more transparent and representative voting process. To vote, you have to go to the official website of the ESLAND awards.

In conclusion

The ESLAND 2024 Awards in Andorra They are not just an event to recognize talent and creativity in the world of streaming and content creation; represent a celebration of the digital community as a whole. With a spectacular venue, an expanded program and streaming options accessible to a global audience, these awards are set to be a milestone in the history of digital entertainment. Additionally, many of the biggest content creators are Andorran residents in the country and have a company in Andorra.

The expectation is high, and the digital world waits in anticipation to see how these awards will be rolled out, how achievements will be recognized and what new talent will be discovered. The ESLAND Awards 2024 They promise to be an exclusive and therefore unforgettable experience for both attendees and spectators around the world..

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ESLAND Awards in Andorra in 2024: all the details
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