Becoming self-employed in Andorra in 2024: freelance requirements

Is it possible to be self-employed in Andorra? When someone sees everyone youtubers Y other entrepreneurs go to live in Andorra, a question that may arise is if they are self-employed in Andorra or, in general, if there is such a figure in the country. Also, if so, how can this be done or what are the requirements to be able to do it, as well as what is the quota of freelancers who contribute. Is there a regime for freelance workers in Andorra or is it necessary to set up a company? Well, in this short article we have set out to answer it.

Being self-employed: liberal or titled professional

To be autonomous in Andorra is to be licensed professional. Some people also consider as self-employed in Andorra those who have the active residence and Andorran self-employment, but this category includes entrepreneurs of a company or people who carry out activities through a trade. In general, the question is: What moving to Andorra As a freelance or freelance? And the only answer is to be a qualified professional, since it is the only way to obtain a residence permit and settle in the country.

Previously, it was originally called liberal professional. This figure was quite different and with more restrictions, but in 2013 the Government approved a modification of the Law on the exercise of liberal professions and professional schools and associations (yes, it's called like that, and it was from 2008) in which as they say «replace the concept of liberal profession by that of a titled profession«.

In any case, this law modified many things but the main thing is the change of concept from liberal profession to profession titled, as we said. Under this new concept, Being self-employed in Andorra means being a qualified professional, and it is required:

  1. The application of knowledge and techniques of a branch or science of knowledge that are applicable and can be practiced as a professional in that branch.
  2. Possession of a official academic title Andorran higher education studies or recognized in Andorra equivalent to a university degree (professional training is not useful, at least for now).

Therefore, as we see, being autonomous in Andorra means, as the concept itself indicates, practice a regulated profession with at least university education for which there is capacity according to the competent institution, somewhat in the style of medieval craft guilds (modernized to the present). This greatly restricts the possibilities of practicing as a freelance.

A special category dependent on the Government

Thus, as we have said, to practice as a qualified professional you must have the skills to do something specific with a training certificate validated by a technical and collegiate committee. In addition, you can only exercise what the training title allows you as an economic activity. For example, a lawyer could homologate their qualifications and register in Andorra, thus being able to obtain a residence permit and self-employment. But he could only exercise as such, not being able to carry out the economic activity that he pleases.

As if that were not enough, an authorization from the Government is required for which there are certain quotas for each profession depending on the current year, the country's situation, the demand and the number of professionals already established in the country, which limits their issuance. The government reserves the right to change the number of seats available depending on the context.

Also the Government of Andorra reserves the right to accept or deny an authorization based on many factors which include the aforementioned quotas, the university or center that expels the degree, the country or the type, whether the degree corresponds to a complete profession or the pertinent master of specialization is required to practice, that all documentation can be provided Apostille of the Haia or other relevant certification, etc.

Procedure and requirements to be autonomous in Andorra

The aforementioned implies that the exercise of any type of profession cannot be guaranteed through any type of degree, and that the requirements depend on each specific case and are highly interpretable. Among others are, in addition to the necessary ones to obtain the active residence permit and self-employment:

  • Have the homologated title.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • European supplement to the diploma of the degree to be recognized, for degrees adapted to the European Higher Education Area or the certificate of grades apostilled by La Haia.
  • Certificate of liability insurance.
  • Specific documentation for each profession.

Basically and in a general way, To be a qualified professional you must do the following:

  1. Process the application for academic recognition of Higher Education Degrees
  2. Get the authorization to exercise the liberal profession by the Government, for which it is necessary among others to have the official academic title of higher education apostilled by Haia or via diplomacy.
  3. Join the respective professional association of Andorra, when applicable, and in the case of health professions, register in the Registry of Health Professionals.
  4. Depending on the specific profession, it may be required Specific conditionssuch as achieving prior practical training or obtaining a training accreditation.
  5. Get permission of active residence and self-employment, being a qualified professional.

This type of legal category usually works with architects, economists, lawyers, and certain engineers. In any case, in our office we can process everything for € 3,000-4,000 correctly including the advice obtained from experience, and helping them in whatever is necessary. However, we cannot guarantee success fully and with commitment, as it depends on the Government of Andorra itself.

We can also offer you a procedure consisting of first verifying whether or not the government accepts the application for the exercise of profession entitled for your case and in case of refusal, proceed to process the incorporation of a company. You can contact us to consult it and do it here.

The self-employed quota

What is the self-employment quota to which these qualified professionals submit? Well, since they are also active residents and self-employed workers, they must contribute to the CASS (Andorran social security) exactly the same as managerial entrepreneurs of your own company: 22% of the average monthly salary of the year prior to the current one, an amount that is around around €500 monthly. In either case, there are bonuses based on income and other factors. You can see the current quote here.

As we see, given that the average salary in 2021 was €2,158.40, The monthly contribution for 2022 was €474.85. On the other hand, the average salary in 2022 was 2,284.67 euros, and thus the fee during 2023 was €502.63, And finally, given that the average salary in 2023 has been €2,426.70, the Social security contribution base for self-employed workers in Andorra and self-employed workers is €533.87.

Although on the other hand, Certain people (whether self-employed or business owners) can benefit from a reduction in the CASS contribution by meeting certain requirements. According to the volume of billing, net income, paid salary, percentage of participation in the company if applicable, position and activity carried out, etc. You can opt for a reduction of 75%, 50%, 37.5% and 25% respectively. We recommend contact us to obtain assistance and advice in this regard and optimize the self-employed quota or social security contribution. Further information about CASS here.

Of course, being autonomous does not exempt you from taxes in Andorra. You must declare the IGI quarterly, the income tax annually and pay the municipal taxes and fees. Of course, they are not very extractive.

Advantages and disadvantages of being a qualified professional

Thus, we proceed to enumerate the advantages of being a qualified professional versus creating a company in Andorra:

There is no deposit of €50,000 to the AFA (it is not a foreign investment)Restricted to regulated professions, and therefore to certain economic activities
You do not have to create a companyHigher education degree type university degree required
Easier and cheaper maintenanceThe responsibility lies entirely with the natural person
No need for registered officeIt is highly interpretable and dependent on the Government
Advantages and disadvantages of a qualified professional compared to a company in Andorra

This last disadvantage, that it is an interpretable category dependent on the Government and for which we cannot guarantee its success (except in certain cases), is obviously the most relevant.

Why establish yourself as a freelancer in Andorra in 2024

As we have indicated on numerous other pages in Andorra Insiders, by 2024 the titled profession is definitely the best way to get live in Andorra permanently. The reason is that the bonds required for the Andorran Financial Authority (AFA) for moving as a businessman (from €15,000 to €50,000) and passive residence (from €400,000 to €600,000), thus making both forms of residence more expensive.

However, from June 22, 2023 A B2 Catalan qualification is required to be a qualified professional. due to its approval Law 42/2022 of December 1 of the digital economy, entrepreneurship and innovation that has increased the bonds required to the AFA. The reason that it begins to be applied in June is because there is a transitory provision according to which this requirement enters into force 6 months after the approval of the law, and it was approved on December 22, 2022.

In addition, many professional associations already request this degree in advance regardless of the current regulation, since they change their statutes and regulations to adjust it in advance to the application of the Law. Thus, the titled profession an exceptional way to establish yourself in Andorra, which allows you to do so with minimal costs and without the need to maintain any company.

But its exceptionality also applies to your requirements, and only people with a specific university academic profile and who have a minimum intermediate level of Catalan can apply this way.

Are youtubers autonomous?

As you may have guessed, no. Youtubers are not autonomous because they cannot, since there is no profession titled Youtuber. Not because they don't have a university or academic degree, that's irrelevant. Even if they did, they couldn't do their job as a youtuber being liberal professionals. Also, in fact, a lot of them wouldn't be interested either, since the legal structure that a company allows them is much better at all levels because they have a lot of income.

So what they do is start a company constituting a company in which they are shareholders and administrators of the same. Thus, they invoice through it and collect both salary returns and dividends and others from it, optimizing their taxation and taxes. Something that we also do in Andorra Insiders and for which we can help you contacting here.

In conclusion

In summary: the regime for qualified professionals, which is the equivalent of self-employed in Andorra, is restricted to specific qualified professions: lawyers, architects, nurses and doctors, economists, certain engineers, etc. In addition, they only allow the exercise of the economic activity for which the title gives capacity, unlike the flexibility of different social objects that a company allows.

It is, therefore, a regime advantageous but not for everyone, but only and as its name suggests, for qualified professionals who are the ones who have the privilege of operating as a freelancer in Andorra. It is also limited to certain quotas and its exercise depends on the interpretable approval of the government. Most people will need to choose another option to moving to Andorra. We hope that the article has been to your liking.

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  1. Bona nit,
    Voldria know if it is considered a professional liberal to be a graphic designer. Jo soc from Barcelona and here autonomous soc i work from home, per a dues editorials. I am interested in going to Andorra to go to Andorra with the meus fills menors d'edat. Is possible? From fet jo només exerceixo de maquetació i disseny. How much do I charge to process-ho tot?
    Moltes gràcies !!

    • Hello isbael!

      Doncs hauriem d'estudiar-ho bé. With regard to the article, the formal title must be of a degree or equivalent and the economic activity of its encaixar with it and the one that allows it to be. Furthermore, the Administration reserves the right to interpret what it could do and what it could not. Per tant, hauriem d'analitzar-ho millor. If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected] I will explain-to us a million of whose title is tracta, which activity is carried out exactly for whom, etc. I can see if it is possible to apply to the seu cas.

      Moltes gràcies pel comments!

  2. Hi, I wanted to know if I can be considered a qualified professional if I have a degree in computer engineering, I currently live in Madrid and work for an American company as a freelancer. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Pedro, thanks for commenting.

      Well, surely yes, since there is never a problem with engineers and in government they are a bit lost with computer science activities due to their scope and variety. However, we would have to look at it in more detail. If you are interested, write to us at [email protected] Explaining what your degree and university are and what you do specifically and we can verify that you can move without problem and we can write an adjusted service proposal.

      We are thus at your disposal, thank you.

  3. Hello. Very good. I am Ukrainian. I have a company in Spain. Assembly of ventilated facades. If it is more profitable for me to work in Andorra and pay taxes in Andorra? I can close company here. Can I open a company or work in Andorra as a freelancer with my workers? Thanks

    • Hello Yevgen, thank you very much for commenting.

      In the first place, you cannot exercise that economic activity in Andorra as a self-employed person, you would have to set up a company for this purpose in order to justify your residence in the country. On the other hand, given that it carries out assemblies of ventilated facades in Spain, it exercises economic activity in Spain, being therefore very difficult to justify the substance requirements necessary to maintain an Andorran company.

      Therefore, unfortunately your case for this project is unfeasible in the Principality of Andorra.

      Thank you and everything goes well!

    • Hello Gemma doncs it will depend on whether you are an Andorran resident / Andorran national or not. If you are simply obrint a trade you can exercise.

      Thank you very much to contact, what a vagi bé!

  4. Goodnight,
    I am a computer engineer and I am thinking of registering as a freelancer in Andorra and billing a Spanish company (it would be the only one to start with). Would it be possible or would I have to bill more clients and some who are Andorran? Are there limitations in this regard?

    Regards, and thank you very much

    • Hello Luis, since you are a computer engineer, your case is very feasible to carry out as a qualified professional. Of course, we cannot guarantee complete success as it is up to the administrations to interpret the regulations for the case and the documentation. The safest thing is to form a company. If you want, contact us at [email protected] and we can send you a proposal of services to carry it out, in any case.

      Thank you very much for commenting and that everything goes well!

  5. Very good,

    I live in Belgium and I sell antiques online that I buy all over Europe, I could set up a company in Andorra since my services are carried out entirely on the internet and my clients are all over the world.


    • Hello Alejandro, thank you very much for commenting. Well, obviously yes, but the case would have to be carefully analyzed. If your operation is simply to act as a "commission agent" in the sense that you do not store stock and therefore do not have to import or export products, it can be very interesting to establish your business in Andorra. In any case, you can contact us at [email protected] so that we can offer you our services in this regard and better assess your case.

  6. Bon dia,

    I am dedicated to the international distribution of TV programs, in particular sèries d'animació.
    Soc Llicenciat in Audiovisual Communication and Master Media MBA.

    Currently, I exercise in Spain as a freelancer and under the exclusive regime as the Commercial and Development Director of a French company that manages the first level content drets per seva assigned to pay TV channels and in obert, platforms (Netflix, Amazon, etc ...) and toy companies (Bandai, Mattel, etc ...) and licensing.

    I would like to move to Andorra with the family table and I would like to know if it is possible to fer-ho and exercise my profession as a liberal professional or if it is necessary to set up a company.

    Rest waiting for the seva response, gràcies


    • Hi Joan,

      Doncs clearly and badly not, you have to set up a company. It is tracta of a particular negotiation and that does not respond simply to the exercise of a certain profession. In addition, it is an Audiovisual Communication trade, which in itself is difficult to justify (for the administration, of course) the exercise as a professional titleholder.

  7. Hello good Morning,

    If I already have a company in the United States (a single member LLC, I do web development services for other US companies), can I use it to obtain active residency or do I have to create a new Andorran company? (Even if I don't use that new one for billing?)
    And with the LLC, as it is a transparent entity, in Andorra is personal income tax paid from the profits of that entity?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hello Alberto, thank you very much for commenting. Well, they would have two options, as we explain in the article:

      A) Establish a company in Andorra and operate through it, and obtain the Andorran residence and self-employment permit for being partners and administrators of said company (and then, if they wish, also their assets as natural persons).
      B) Invest € 400,000 in Andorran assets and obtain passive residence in Andorra, and manage their assets as natural persons directly.

      One option or another will depend on the specific case to be considered.

  8. Good Afternoon,

    I am a Yacht Captain and registered as self employed in Spain, would it be possible to move to Andorra and be self employed in Andorra.

    • Hi Graham, thank you for leaving your comment.

      Unfortunately, you won't be able to move to Andorra, neither as self-employed nor through a company. The reason is that your economic activity is done in Spain and you can't move it to Andorra, so it's impossible to make it through any Andorran legal structure.

  9. Hello
    Thanks for writing this article. I'm teaching online for a company that it's neither based in France nor Spain, would I still have to create my own company if I move to Andorra?
    Also, is there a minimum monthly salary in order to live and work there as a freelancer?

  10. Hello good,

    If I wanted to set up a videogame studio in Andorra as a SL, would I also have to be a liberal professional?

  11. I am a hotelier from Barcelona and I would like to open a restaurant in Andorra, we would move the whole family, what steps would we have to take?

    • Hi Alex, thank you very much for commenting.

      Well, you would have to establish a company or buy an already established one, then obtain a residence permit and self-employment and then regroup your family. Regarding the premises you can buy it, rent it or take a transfer one, that depends on you.

      All the best.

  12. Hello, my self-employed husband in Spain is a systems engineer but without a university degree, he did a career alone and works for a large company in Chicago. Can he do the same from andorra?

    • Hi Débora, thanks for commenting. Unfortunately, you could not, you would have to set up a company through which to carry out your activity and come to Andorra as an entrepreneur. All the best.

  13. Hello good,
    I am an Agricultural Engineer and I work as a freelancer with a service contract with an Irish company and a representation company with an Austrian one. My responsibility is commercial management for Europe-Africa and Asia with the Irish company and the Iberian Peninsula with the Austrian company. I am currently self-employed in Spain and I was considering moving to Andorra to establish a company or as a regime of qualified professionals since I am an agronomist and my activity is focused on agriculture.
    What option would you recommend?
    Thank you very much in advance.
    All the best

    • Hi Javier,
      Well, specifically with agronomists we have not dealt with, but it is probably difficult to do so through the legal figure of the profession entitled. However, we can try and, in case of refusal by the government, pivot towards the creation of an Andorran company and billing through it, which is much safer and more flexible to do. This is what we call our two-pronged service proposal.

      In any case, if you write to us [email protected] We can schedule a call with you to clarify all the issues and verify your case, and after that send you a proposal of services in this regard.

      Thank you very much for your comment, everything goes well.

  14. Good afternoon, I am youtuber and I have monthly earnings of 12,000 euros, so by law to move I have to create a company in Andorra and invoice those earnings through the company account or how would my case be to be able to move

  15. Hello, I am self-employed here in Spain. I have an online store that sells merchandise. Would I have any problem being self-employed in Andorra if I plan to live there? Thanks

    • Hi Carlos, thank you very much for contacting us.

      Well, I'm afraid obviously not, that I would have to set up a limited company. And not only that, but the feasibility of being able to carry out your business model here will depend on whether you manage the stock and warehouses in Spain or if you simply charge as a commission agent directly from your supplier.

    • Hi Alex, thanks for commenting.

      Yes, creating a company by forming a company is perfectly feasible to do so (not as a qualified professional). We have tried and have many profiles of that style and it works without problems. If you want, you can contact us and we will inform you better.

  16. Hello, I am an economist working for a financial company in Spain and I would like to set up an independent office in Andorra. Would it be possible through the figure of profession entitled? In this case of a qualified profession, what is the minimum period of physical stay in Andorra? Thanks

    • Hi Javier, thank you very much for commenting.

      Well, we would have to study it more carefully, since when dealing with financial issues they could be activities considered under the regulation of the Andorran Financial Authority and could require a separate license. That in addition to the fact that the denial of the licensed professional permit would be quite likely.

    • Hi Renato, thank you for your comment.

      Yes, psychology is fully considered inside the liberal professional category. In fact, we currently manage few psychologists at our agency.

      If you are interested in being a psychologist in Andorra, please don't doubt to contact us.

  17. Hello good, I am a dog groomer and I would like to set up a hairdresser in andorra.
    What steps should I take?
    If the hairdresser had a section for accessories, shampoos, etc., would they be the same steps to follow?

    • Hello Anna, thank you very much for commenting.

      Well, you should set up a limited company in Andorra and open your clinic through it.

      Regarding supplements, shampoos, etc. It would be necessary to see if some of these cosmetics could be subject to some type of concrete or specific regulation as well as the importation of said products.

  18. Hi,

    Thank you for this very informative article.
    I am an electrical engineer from the Philippines currently working full-time as a freelancer online with clients from Australia. Is it possible for me to move and live in Andorra while working online for clients abroad? And if so, may I know what will be my option in terms of residency permit?
    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards

    • Ho Beb, thank you for your comment.

      Yes, you are fully able to do that with the only condition that you really live in Andorra (to make the economic activity here). About the option to obtain the residence permit, as we say in this article, the liberal professional is a legal category so arbitrary, and with foreign degrees usually don't work, and in the best case an enormous amount of time is wasted to get Item. Moreover if your degree is from Philippines (that's so far away from Andorra). Of course, nothing is assured but we could not assure you that the operation would be successful. We should suggest you to open a company here and to operate through it.

  19. Hello, I am a physical trainer with a degree in sports science (CAFD) and I also have a university master's degree in sports performance, I exercise part of my profession through an online platform. In Spain I am autonomous. Could I exercise the same way if I moved to Andorra? Thanks

    • Hi Carlos, thank you very much for your comment. I am afraid the question is difficult to answer although it is probably not possible. Currently we do not manage any qualified professional with this training. In any case, as we say in the article, it is the administration itself that reserves the right to admit and grant authorizations to practice as a qualified professional, and these depend not only on the degree but also on the credits, university, country of origin, activity being carried out, etc. If you want, we can propose you to try it and, in case of refusal by the Government, turn towards the constitution of an Andorran company, which is what we usually do. You can contact us via [email protected]

  20. Hello,
    I am a graphic designer in Peru and I work as a freelancer for 2 companies in the USA for more than 10 years.

    What are the options to emigrate to Andorra with my family (wife and 2 children) and maintain my way of working as a freelancer?

    • Hello Enrique, obviously with these data we cannot certify anything, but the easiest thing is to establish an Andorran company and move to the country as an entrepreneur, regrouping your family with you. In any case, we recommend that you contact us at [email protected] to see it in more detail and privately.

  21. Hello guys, I love your article, very understanding and well positioned as well.
    You see, I'm a professional SEO copywriter, and I have a degree and a master's degree in psychology/ethology, as well as the author of several books on the subject. According to all this, I understand that I could only work as a researcher or disseminator (I do not exercise the profession of psychologist, I only investigate and disseminate in the ethology variant).

    The thing is, as in writing or writing SEO there is no career as such (apart from the possible courses, which I have already done in the past but for which I do not have the title), and the subject matter is varied (although I specialize in ethology) I understand that there would be problems to be accepted as such, or that a society or company should do (whatever is more advantageous).

    Is there something I'm missing? Could you advise me?

    • Hello Nick, thank you very much for commenting and for your kind comment.

      It is better to deal with particular cases privately by email, but I fear from experience that to carry out SEO and marketing activities with psychology training, it would be very difficult to defend that we be offered authorization to practice as a qualified professional. It would be another thing, as you point out, if you were a researcher in the field / a professional psychologist, especially in the latter case.

      Therefore, and although in your case it might also be relevant to carry out the two-pronged proposal and try first to obtain authorization to practice as a qualified professional, the most likely, quick, safe and effective thing to do would be to set up a company. The problem, again, is the €15,000 deposit that must be deposited with the Andorran Financial Authority, but I am afraid there is no other remedy.

      If you are interested in performing the procedure, do not hesitate to contact us.

  22. Hello, I have a degree in fashion design in Barcelona, but I and my partner (he does not have any degree) would like to open an online jewelry sales business from Andorra, is it possible? Since I live in Spain, I don't know if it should be opened first in Spain and then transferred

    Thank you

    • Hi Martha, thank you very much for commenting.

      Of course they could do it here in Andorra and directly, it would not be necessary to open it first in Spain. Of course, they must move and settle in the country. On the other hand, they will have to do so by setting up a company through foreign investment and therefore paying the respective bonds to the AFA, they could not come as qualified professionals.

  23. Hello my name is Manu, I am self-employed in Spain, specifically I have been assembling electrical installations for 20 years, my question is if I could unsubscribe in Spain and register in Andorra continuing with my clients in Spain and if that is possible What requirements would be necessary, pros and cons, thank you very much.

    • Hi Manuel, thank you very much for commenting.

      As we say in the article, in the first place it cannot be "self-employed" or a qualified professional, since it only applies to certain professionals with university or higher academic training. Secondly, even if you created a company, if your clients are in Spain it would be very difficult (unfeasible) to sustain the economic substance required by the company and your own tax residence.

  24. Hello,

    I am a computer scientist and I would like to know how I could go about getting active residency by having a US LLC.

    For example, could you delegate services such as graphic design and subcontract the Andorran company from the LLC?

    In other words, I keep the LLC, I create a graphic design company in Andorra and instantly I would have my first client, me. Is this feasible?

    Thank you and greetings.

    • Hi David, thanks so much for commenting.

      I am afraid that your case would require further analysis and study and an exhaustive consultation, since this type of practice is obviously restricted by being related companies. In any case, if you are only in the USA LLC, I am afraid that you would have no other option than to liquidate this company and transfer all its assets and operations to the Andorran company, since to maintain it you would have to bear costs to meet the substance requirements. economy that marks the OECD and thus exercise economic activity in the USA.

  25. Hello good,

    I am self-employed in Spain and currently all my clients are from Spain.

    So I would like to know if I set up a company in Andorra, could I start with clients from Spain but with the aim of reaching more international clients? How long would you have for it?

    Thank you very much,

    • Hi Joseph, thank you very much for commenting.

      Well, it would have to be analyzed because the center of economic interests would start in Spain. In any case, the key point is whether you require a physical presence to serve your customers and carry out economic activity and whether you can stay in Andorra for most of the year.

  26. Bones, Andorran soc and resident in Andorra. Vull fer un temps sabatic i travel per Espanya i stranger venent a fires i mercats, artesania. How can I not stop paying Andorra?

    • Hi Gemma, thank you very much for commenting.
      We can't resolve doubts so particular here on the blog because they depend on a lot of things. But in any case, to contribute to Andorra, you have to exercise economic activity and to work so much, be still by your own or allied compte.

  27. Hi Jose,

    Eu percebi bem? If I moved to Andorra as a resident through the legal form of liberal professional web designer (working for foreign company(ies)/not from Andorra) and for annual income of, for example, 36,000 euros, I would pay non-total taxes:

    Social Security = 22% / month
    Tax on or work = 5% / year
    Ou seja, total = 660×12 + 1800 = €9720 / year of taxes?


    • Olá, very obrigado for commenting.

      Not exactly. No tax level, you would pay:
      – Social security: €450-500 per month as an independent worker.
      – Tax on the Income of Individuals: I have annual income of €36,000, the first €24,000 would be taxed at 0% and the following at 5%, resulting in €12,000x0.05=600

  28. How about Jose!
    I ask you here, that perhaps others have the same doubt, and then we can follow it in private, if applicable.
    I am looking to relocate as a licensed professional. I am a programmer (15 years of experience), I live in Barcelona and I have a Bachelor of Computer Science in Argentina (5-year career).
    I bill as a self-employed person and I would fit a 29% for personal income tax if I didn't leave before the middle of the year.
    Spain has an agreement with Argentina to homologate my degree as a degree, electronically.
    Is it convenient to take that step since Andorra has an agreement with Spain? Would they take it as a Spanish title speeding up the process?
    If not, would you have an idea of what is demanded with «Track certificate or European supplement to the diploma of the degree to be recognized»
    Greetings and thank you!!!

    • Hello Facundo, thank you very much for commenting.

      Regarding your first question, we insist that the titled profession is a rather peculiar legal category and that the scope it may have depends on many factors. In your case, for example, the origin of the qualification. In this sense, what seems to me to be more solid is that the title is comparable according to European standards. In any case, I see your case as quite possible to carry out with the titled profession, although again we cannot guarantee success (as we can with the establishment through the constitution of a company). I recommend talking about it privately ([email protected]).

      Regarding your second question, I don't quite understand it. Basically it is documentation that accredits the grades obtained in the subjects studied in the degree.

      Thank you very much!

  29. Hello, thank you very much for the article, it has been very helpful.

    I am 24 years old, from Valencia, with a double degree in international business and marketing, and I am dedicated to business software sales (position known as Sales Development Representative or Account Manager) from home, with telecommuting, for an American company.

    Do you think it would be an acceptable profile to work as a freelancer from Andorra?

    Many thanks!

    • Hello Juan Pablo, thank you very much for commenting.

      Again, we cannot know. And this is because the titled profession is something quite arbitrary legally and until you try to get it, you cannot know if you can get it. I'm afraid you'll have to risk it. If you are interested, contact us by mail and we will talk about it.

  30. Hello,

    Very good article. I have read in the comments section that you have many psychologists who have accessed through this route but you do not have any CAFYD (coach) and that according to your experience and knowledge you saw it as unlikely that they would accept you.

    In my case I am a nutritionist (graduated from UAM Madrid) and my clients are all online. In this case, do you also see it as unlikely, as in the case of a CAFYD, or do you see it as more likely as it is a career related to public health such as psychology?

    Starting now with the paperwork doesn't really make much sense since you don't have time to spend 6 months in Andorra, right? I understand that the best time is in April to take advantage of the availability of housing and therefore start the paperwork issue in January.

    Is the price of moving to Andorra either as a qualified professional or as a company approx. as it appears in this article (4-5k)?

    Te he escrito un email. 🙂

    • Hello Ramon, thank you very much for your comment.

      Indeed, as I have answered, it is much more feasible to establish a nutritionist through a qualified profession, and in fact there is a college of dieticians and nutritionists in Andorra. In addition, given that his degree is from the UAM in Madrid, there would surely be no problem with his case. Regarding the prices and costs, as I have indicated in the email, they are higher in both cases, since fees, rates, external costs and capital provisions must be taken into account (AFA bond, minimum share capital, etc. ).

      The best time to start the transfer is from October to February, although it also depends on each case.

  31. Good morning,

    I would like to know if I can work as a freelance translator. My job is 100% online for clients all over the world.
    I have a recognized degree in Tourism and a diploma as a Translator from a university in Sofia, Bulgaria.

    Thank you very much in advance

    • Hi Asia, thank you very much for commenting.

      No, I am afraid that I would surely have to set up a company to be able to work, since there is no professional association for translators nor does it seem to constitute a liberal profession as such.

      All the best.

  32. Buenas tardes.

    I am considering a change of residence as a family with my wife and son. I have recently obtained the Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and I don't know if this would fit the definition of liberal professional that you make.

    On the other hand, I am looking for information about the possible professional opportunities that this degree would allow me to develop in Andorran territory and I do not know if you could tell me where to consult it.

    Thanks a lot.


    • Hello José Vicente, thanks for commenting.

      The problem is not "whether it fits or not", but rather it depends on the administration officials who accept the file and grant authorization to practice as a qualified professional (as a self-employed or freelancer, let's go on our own). If you want, contact us and we will tell you what we usually do in these cases.

  33. Good day,

    I am a lawyer from Lima, Peru, and I have just read that the regime of qualified professionals is restricted to specific qualified professions where they are considered, among others, that of lawyer. Since I wish to reside in Andorra, for this reason, I ask the following: What is needed to homologate my degree in Andorra? With this, could I, if it proceeds, be able to work as a self-employed lawyer or for a study or law firm? Perhaps the procedure would be simpler if I first approved my title in Spain? Or flatly, would there be no chance of success in the aforementioned procedure and should I see other options to reside and work in Andorra?

    Kind regards and many thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Hi Ivan, thank you very much for commenting.

      Many questions but I answer in order:

      A) It is a complex question and it depends on many things, better contact us by mail so we can see your case.
      B) With this he could practice on his own as a lawyer, effectively. But you could not work for another law firm, just establish business relationships.
      C) I think it would not change the situation
      D) Yes, there is an option of success, but the problem is that being qualified in Peru, perhaps the documentation or the requirements are not fulfilled. In the end, it is up to an official to approve the file or not, and it depends on various factors.

    • Hi Ivan, thank you very much for commenting.

      Many questions but I answer in order:

      A) It is a complex question and it depends on many things, better contact us by mail so we can see your case.
      B) With this he could practice on his own as a lawyer, effectively. But you could not work for another law firm, just establish business relationships.
      C) I think it would not change the situation
      D) Yes, there is an option of success, but the problem is that being qualified in Peru, perhaps the documentation or the requirements are not fulfilled. In the end, it is up to an official to approve the file or not, and it depends on various factors.

  34. Very interesting article…

    One question that remains to me is whether a UNIPERSONAL Company incorporated in Andorra also pays a monthly fee of 500 euros approx as self-employed or only income tax and IGI

    I created an ONLINE service that is generating monthly income of 2,500 euros through the STRIPE platform and which does not have deductible charges...
    I think it can climb to about 4500 in the next 6/9 months

    Thank you

    • Hi Adrian, thank you very much for commenting.

      The point is that to exercise economic activity you must move to the country as a self-employed worker, which forces you to contribute to social security for being an active worker with the corresponding quota. So yes, you would also pay the fee (as a natural person).

  35. Good day,

    is there a probability that a spouse having a residence in Andorra via regrouping with her husband, who is the holder of the active residence by acting as an individual interpreneur, will also get authorized to work in Andorra, but not in husband's company? What are options, if any, available for her?

    Kind regards and many thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Hi Alex, thank you for your comment.

      Regrouping means that the direct relatives of a holder of an active residence permit have the right to reside in Andorra by the mere fact of being so. Therefore, although when they establish themselves they do so as «dependents» of the original holder and are covered by their social security contribution, they acquire all the rights as Andorran residents. Thus, they can access the labor market as Andorran residents, open a Business to practice on their own or enter as partners and/or administrators in an Andorran company without paying the €15,000 deposit to the AFA.

  36. Good morning Jose,

    Would you know if you could practice the profession of Headhunter or Selection of IT profiles as a freelancer in Andorra?

    I graduated in Pedagogy from the UB and I have a Master's degree in Human Resources Management and Talent Management.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Judit, thank you very much for commenting!

      I am afraid that I see the case as quite unlikely... This profession does not seem like a "liberal" profession regulated to practice independently and we have no experience in this regard. We could try but again we cannot guarantee the success of the proposal.

  37. Buenas tardes,

    I am a Higher Computer Engineer (from the Autonomous University of Barcelona), degree obtained in 1997.

    I have been in the IT Consulting sector for more than 20 years, participating in IT projects in Barcelona and Madrid, always as an employee.

    However, in 2019, I started a new stage as a freelancer, participating, from that date to the present, in a project in Switzerland.

    My family and I (we have two daughters almost 5 years old) are seriously thinking of going to live in Andorra.

    There are many reasons but one of the main ones is the tax rates and other taxes or withholdings applied in Spain.

    We would like you to inform us about all the possibilities.

    Best regards.

  38. good day

    Would I know if the sports branca, fer-me «autonom» as a personal trainer is possible without gaire inconvenients here in Andorra?

  39. Good afternoon Jose,

    I would like to know, since I am an employee of a private sector company in the Principality, if I can establish myself as a coach on my own (I have just trained as such) and if there is any kind of help, like in Spain, for someone who becomes autonomous for first time.

    Regards, and thank you very much

    • Hi Alberto, thank you very much for commenting.

      If you are already a resident, you can easily establish yourself as a self-employed person. Regarding the aid, it only has a discount of 50% in the quota for the first year of exercise.

      A cordial greeting.

  40. Hello there
    I am a salesperson with a master's degree in Fluid Mechanics.
    Due to my work, I could exercise it directly from Andorra since I do not invoice anything.
    It simply bills the company I work for and they pay me a salary.
    I also have family in Andorra.

    Would it be possible in my case to move to live in Andorra?

    Thank you

    • Hello Josep Ma, thank you very much for commenting.

      What exactly does a master's degree in Fluid Mechanics mean? If you do not have an engineering degree, you will not be able to move as a licensed professional (self-employed). So, to establish itself you would have to form a company.

  41. Kind regards Jose.
    I wanted to know what capital is required to live trading in Andorra, operating with CFDs?
    To manage this residence is required to deposit the 50,000 euros?

    • Hi Alex, thank you very much for commenting.

      Well, at least €65-70,000, since he would have to establish himself as an entrepreneur by creating a new company and therefore pay the deposit of €50,000 to the AFA. Effectively, a CFD trader has no way of establishing himself as a licensed professional. The exception to this would be someone who works as an economist, lawyer, engineer, architect, etc. and apart, it manages its capital operating with CFDs. In that case, you could obtain residence as a qualified professional and carry out your capital management activities as a natural person in a non-professional manner.

  42. Hello! I am self-employed, and I have an online store of manga and anime figures and merchandising. I have stock at home and we ship to Spain, could I go live there in Andorra? Or would I have to open a store there? To be able to live here in Andorra. Thank you.

    • Hello Anna, thank you very much for commenting.

      I'm afraid it would be very difficult to live in Andorra doing that activity. I would have to open a company here (it couldn't be autonomous), and actually open a store here in the country.

  43. Hello. Good morning, I would like to consult.
    1. If I work with a funding account, and my income comes from abroad, could I get paid as a natural person with passive residence without any problem?
    2. If with the passive residence you could invest as a natural person in real estate, that is, buy homes and rent them either for tourism or long-term?
    3. Is it possible with my passive residence to take my mother over 65 years of age to live with me in Andorra?

    • Hello Kathe, thank you very much for commenting! I answer about it:

      1. You can practice as a trader in both cases, in one professionally and in another simply by managing your personal assets. Now, in the active residence, when doing it through society, there is some particularity to deal with.

      2. Of course you can.

      3. Of course, obviously taking advantage of the requirements imposed by the passive residence itself for dependents.

  44. Hello, thank you very much for your article. Being a Technical Mining Engineer, could I install myself as a qualified professional? I remind you that this specialty has powers in the use of explosives and ammunition (armouries, fireworks, demolitions... etc)

    • Hi Raphael, thank you very much for commenting.

      Well, honestly, I'm not clear about it, probably not, since on the one hand this is a very specific profession and impossible to carry out liberally and on the other hand, here in Andorra there are no facilities of this type.

  45. Buenas tardes:
    First of all, thank you for your entry because it is very complete and with very good details.

    I have a question and it is that I am currently studying psychology at the Carlemany University of Andorra and then I want to work as a freelancer (I have another degree that I could validate). My idea is to go live in Andorra in the future when I finish my degree. The work would be online so you would not need a local. It could be done?

    Thank you

    • Hello Borja, thank you very much for commenting.

      As an "autonomous" (qualified professional) you could establish yourself in Andorra as a clinical psychologist, but you could only practice what your academic training allows you to do (related to psychology). Therefore, it depends first of all on the activity you are going to do.

      On the other hand, as for the other race, what is it? Does it have to do with the activity you want to carry out as a qualified professional? If not, I'm afraid it wouldn't work either.

      At your disposal.

      • Good morning Jose:
        Thanks for your answer. My other career is CAFYD. But mainly I would work as a psychologist. Being self-employed, would I have to go through the AFA? Or is the process different? Does studying at Carlemany help me in the process?

        Thank you very much again

        • Hello again Borja,

          By practicing as a clinical psychologist and as a licensed professional, you would not even need a bond from the AFA, and the procedure is different, usually faster and much cheaper. Of course, if you don't start you will practically already need a B2 degree in Catalan, the new legislation requires it and it comes into force in June 2023.

          • Good afternoon Jose,
            Thank you very much again, I will finish in 2024-2025, so I will have to take my B2 in Catalan. Being from the town of Valencia, I have it more mastered haha. We'll be in touch for sure.

  46. Jose, one last question. My patients will be totally online and they may not be located in Andorra on 100%, would there be a problem then? Thank you very much again

    • Hello again Borja,

      Relax, there is no problem with that. As long as you meet the residence and tax residence requirements (especially that you reside here for most of the year), you will be a tax resident here.

  47. Good morning, I would like to be able to register as a qualified self-employed professional in Andorra. I work as a freelance marketing manager for a Belgian company. I have a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. And there would be no problem for the Catalan B2.

    It would be for the 4T of this year, that I will go to live in Andorra.

    I'm waiting, thanks.

  48. Good morning. Does the requirement to provide evidence of the B2 degree of Catalan for titled professions and the second transitory provision end June 23, 2023, also apply in cases of contracting by compte alié? That is to say, if an Andorran company wanted to hire a professional titled by foreign account before June 23 of Enguany, this could make sense that the B2 of Catalan would be required of the contracted person? Thank you. Cordial greetings.

  49. Hello there,
    (My name, I have Spanish ancestry but I was born and raised in England)

    I was regrouped with my partner who is working in Andorra. So I already have residency being under them as a dependent after going through all the legal process and costs we had saved for it.

    I have 0 capital due to not having luck with work due to only being fluent in English.
    My partner focuses on property etc.

    I am looking into the idea of starting a home service/ freelance within Witchcraft, these would be things like making custom spell bags, jars, potions for customers, custom made essential oils, doing Tarot and Pendulum readings (with of course the note that there's not guarantee). There are holistic/ reiki stores here already but they don't offer Tarot service, and they don't offer custom made little bundles.
    Along with wanting to be booked by companies, bars who would like me to run one of my services in their own establishment.

    I have no idea where to start, and understanding that it also doesn't have any certificates to show as a professional.

    What is possible to do?

    If I were to have an online shop like from Patreon, how would that work with offering services/ making and shipping custom bundles to them..?

    I want to make sure everything I do will be above board when trying to find a legal means to make some small change for myself.

    • Hi Antonia, thank you for your comment.

      I'm afraid it's difficult to make Witchcraft in Andorra, basically because banks are so reticent to open bank accounts to do this economic activity and it is quite a taboo activity. Anyway, since you are already an Andorran resident, you could try to do it by opening a Comerç, but it cannot be guaranteed that it can do it without problem…

  50. Hello Jose,

    In my case, I am a self-employed Industrial Technical Engineer, and I provide my services to different architecture and engineering companies in Spain. I work on my own, totally free.
    Right now I work entirely from home, since what I do are engineering projects (facilities projects). Which I then legalize before the competent organizations (Industry of each Autonomous Community)

    I also occasionally visit construction sites, since as a designer, I also supervise the work (construction management), but I do this throughout the national territory.

    I am considering, whenever possible, going to live in Andorra (buying a home), and continuing to practice my profession from Andorra (basically, it would be a change of residence), but I would continue making certain visits to the national territory, as as I currently do (suppose those visits do not amount to more than 100 days a year).

    Is the condition of Catalan a sine qua non?
    If the work I do is related to facilities that are in Spanish territory, would it be necessary to enroll in the Andorra College of Engineers?
    I wonder, therefore, if the change of residence is possible, and if there is no problem in that the companies to which I would invoice my services are all "right now" in Spain.
    I don't rule out making my way in Andorra as well.

    Thank you very much,

    • Hello Enrique, thank you very much for commenting.

      Indeed, Catalan is necessary for a qualified profession. The other option is to establish a company and establish yourself as an entrepreneur, you have more information here:

      However, the cost is much higher, starting with a deposit of €50,000 that must be paid to the Andorran Financial Authority…

      On the other hand, yes, he would have to enroll in the Andorra College of Engineers. And in principle there is no problem with the companies it provides services to being mostly located in Spain.

  51. Hello, I am a software developer who works from Spain as a freelancer for clients in central Europe. I do not have a university degree, only a CFGS. The 50k deposit puts me off quite a bit, especially with the inflation we have (if things don't change course, in a few years you won't be able to buy a bicycle with that money)
    Is there anything known about whether qualified professions will open up to training cycles in the short or medium term?
    Y otra más 🙂
    I invoice my clients without VAT because I am an intra-community operator. Is this possible for an Andorran company, or would VAT have to be added when working for a client from any other country in Europe?

    • Hello Manuel, thank you very much for commenting.

      Regarding your first question, I am afraid that it is not possible for you to access the profession qualified at that time. Nor is there anything proposed to expand the qualified profession to training cycles. Furthermore, it requires professional membership, so I doubt that this will even be considered in the medium term.

      As for VAT, that depends on many things. Including the product or service offered, who offers it and who receives it, their jurisdictions, etc.

      Thank you!

  52. How are you,
    I am a computer developer, I have worked for several years in Andorra as an employee, but now I would choose to create my own company and invoice companies outside Andorra.
    What would be the best possible option?
    Thank you

  53. Hello!
    If I obtain my tax residence in Andorra through a qualified profession (not self-employed) but at the same time I present income as a freelancer derived from other activities (poker), should I still process the 50k deposit deposit, etc.? Would it be possible to do it anyway? Thank you so much!

    • Hello Eric, thank you very much for your comment.

      The problem is that, on the one hand, the qualified profession forces you to carry out the economic activity for which you are a qualified professional. And on the other hand, to carry out other different activities, you must adopt some legal route (commerce or company). It could be evaluated, but we would have to see the fit.

      The only thing that can be done, as long as it does not represent professional activity, is to manage one's own capital and invest it.

  54. Hello good,

    The article is very interesting, I understand that by 2024 the conditions will practically not change.

    I have a doubt, in the computer engineering sector there are many of us who do not finish the degree at the time, due to the circumstances of each one. However, much like my case, we have more than 20 years of experience in the sector, including large American technology companies such as Microsoft, HPE or VMware. In these cases where there is no official qualification but there is demonstrable experience, what options would a professional consider setting up as a freelancer in Andorra to work with European and American clients?

    Thank you

    • Hello Juanma, thank you very much for commenting.

      Indeed, for 2024 things remain the same regarding the qualified (self-employed) profession in Andorra.

      I am afraid that in cases like the one you are telling me about, like yours, you can only establish a company and pay the respective deposit of €50,000 to the Andorran Financial Authority, unfortunately...

  55. Good Morning,

    I am self-employed in Spain and I dedicate myself to manufacturing and selling my crafts throughout Spain and Europe. My husband has to move to Andorra to work and I would like to know if my internship could be possible in Andorra. It doesn't matter if as a freelancer or creating a company, since I would be interested in scaling the business. Could I continue with my entrepreneurship that I started in Spain in some way?

    • Hi Sara!

      Of course. If your husband is going to be an indefinite resident, furthermore, it would be best for you to do family reunification and, later, take the most convenient route given your case to carry out your crafts business on your own. Thus, the procedures would be cheaper.

      Pueden contactarnos a contact@andorrainsiders para más información si quieren seguir adelante 🙂

  56. Hello Jose.
    I'm Pedro. I have a "FP" qualification in electricity, water and gas. And they told me that it was valid for all of Europe. And I would like to know if with my degree I could certify facilities. Without needing to register. I am currently registered as an industrial safety agent of Catalonia "rasic" and I have been able to register facilities in other provinces, but they have asked me for one in Andorra and I don't know if I should validate it or it cannot be done directly?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Pedro, thank you very much for commenting.

      Well, I'm afraid you couldn't practice in Andorra as a qualified professional; You would have to start a company...

  57. Hello!

    I am a graduated psychologist with two Master's degrees but not valid in Andorra for membership. I am in the process of being able to enroll in a valid one but I would have to wait 2 years before being able to practice...

    I currently live in Andorra with a residence and work permit valid for 10 years and I would like to know if I could register in Spain by creating my company in Andorra and declare in Andorra; and practice online with clients from Spain, France and Andorra.

    Being in the field of healthcare, I don't know if it is possible; because I understand that in other collegiate professions it is possible; I don't know if I'm right.

    Thank you very much in advance!


    • Hello Marie, thank you very much for commenting.

      For this purpose, two things should be analyzed separately:

      1) If Spain allows membership for non-residents
      2) If Andorra allows you to practice without being registered in the country (and if you are registered in Spain)

      However, this would again require an in-depth analysis of the regulations in both countries.


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