Retirement in Andorra: pensions and retirement benefits

Retirement in Andorra: pensions and retirement benefits for a retiree

Retirement in Andorra has many advantages over other countries. And it is that in addition to the profiles on digital businesses, also those of individuals or groups of individuals with great wealth who want to retire and not do business are the most common profiles of new residents in the Principality. One of them is … Read more

Youtubers, streamers and influencers in Andorra

Youtubers, streamers and influencers in Andorra

As is well known, many youtubers (now also streamers) and influencers, also called content creators, have moved their residence to the Principality of Andorra, mainly motivated by the tax appeal. As with all digital businesses, the possibility of carrying out the activity of youtuber regardless of the physical location or physical means to manage and & # 8230; Read more

Cryptocurrencies in Andorra: taxes and taxation

Cryptocurrencies in Andorra: Bitcoin and other crypto

Investing in cryptocurrencies in Andorra can be a very relevant option for many people, especially from Spain. As all businesses related to cryptocurrencies, tokens, NFTs and the various blockchain applications or mining itself are purely digital and do not require a physical location, they are a very frequent target customer to go to… Read more

Trader in Andorra: trading taxes

Trader in Andorra: trading taxes

One of the standardized client types at Abast Global (or Insiders), is that of a stockbroker. For all those people who base their professional and/or business activity, acting as a trader with their own capital, Andorra is a very attractive destination. Especially trading on the stock market frequently, but also if it is done with others … Read more

Cost of living in Andorra in 2022

Cost of living in Andorra

One of the questions a person often asks when deciding to settle, settle, move or reside in another country is how much does it cost to live there or what is the cost of living. When considering whether to live in Andorra, this question becomes even more important due to the peculiarities of this destination country. A & # 8230; Read more

How much does it cost to live in Andorra?

How much does it cost to live in Andorra?

In this article we will address the question of how much it costs to live in Andorra, but based on official data: using the report "Estudi sobre el cost de la vida a Andorra" from 2018, the first study on the cost of living in the country prepared by the Department of Statistics of the Andorran Government. Is about … Read more

Brief history of Andorra in capsules and dates

Brief history of Andorra and independence in a timeline of dates

In this article we have written the history of Andorra in such a way that it is clear and pleasant: in the form of a timeline of dates. From the pre-Roman era and the founding of the country to the present day, all the most relevant events, events and changes are ordered by date and time and organized by times or & # 8230; Read more

10 unknown things about Andorra

10 unknown things about Andorra

By naming someone the Andorra place-name one of these three things or a combination of them will quickly come to mind: skiing, tax haven and cheap shopping. While this simple three-word description doesn't stray too far from reality, this little Principality embedded in the middle of the Pyrenees between & # 8230; Read more

Education in Andorra: 3 public systems

Education in Andorra, the triple educational system

When thinking about settling in a different country like Andorra to take advantage of all its advantages, education is not a trivial matter. Especially if the country change is in family or includes children or minors, since knowing what, where and how children will study is more essential than personal education itself & # 8230; Read more

Andorra in figures in 2018

Andorra in figures 2018, the latest report

In this article we are going to analyze the Andorran society and economy statistically. To do this, we will use the report called Andorra en Xifres (Andorra in figures) that is published each year by the Andorran Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services and which collects the main indicators and socioeconomic data from Andorra. Specifically the 2018 version, which & # 8230; Read more