Telecommuting, working from home in Andorra

Telecommuting, working from home in Andorra | Andorra Insiders

As we also explained in our article on digital nomads and electronic residency, although teleworking already existed before 2020, it was usually the exception. In general, it was about distance work for freelancers and usually for certain professional activities in the field of technology that could carry out their work through ... Read more

Digital nomads in Andorra: electronic residency

Digital nomads in Andorra: teleworking

At the beginning of this century, with the definitive expansion of the Internet, the network and the virtual world, professions destined for this new sector flourished which, due to their digital nature, represented an enormous advantage over those that require physical means to exercise themselves. We were talking about programmers, digital designers, digital marketing and SEO professionals and profiles ... Read more

Andorra for digital entrepreneurs

Andorra for digital entrepreneurs

The sudden pandemic that began in 2019 and worsened since the beginning of March 2020 has radically changed the world and has restricted our behavior and movement in a very drastic way. The use of a mask, social distancing and the cancellation and closure of nightclubs, festivals, concerts and other mass events and leisure centers ... Read more