Andorra and the covid-19 crisis: the plan

Andorra and the covid-19 crisis: the plan

The Principality of Andorra, like most European countries and especially its neighbors Spain and France, the health crisis of the coronavirus pandemic covid-19 has hit quite hard. However, being a country very dependent on the tourism that these two countries brought it and after a brutal year ... Read more

Andorra takes action for the Coronavirus

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As we warned in our first article about this covid-19 epidemic in Andorra and in the update of the coronavirus situation in the Principality, we revisit and explain the news on the subject. First positive for Coronavirus in Andorra The 87-year-old woman who had been in isolation since & # 8230; Read more

Covid-19 update in Andorra

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In a recent article we already explained how the situation of the coronavirus was in Andorra. In that same article, we also mentioned that we would update the information when that situation changed, and that is the basic reason for this article. The situation of the last hours in the international arena of the covid-19 also evolves the situation & # 8230; Read more

Coronavirus in Andorra in 2020

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The COVID-19 epidemic, as this virulent disease has been technically called, has taken us all by surprise. At the beginning of this year, we saw what happened in China, with the containment measures taken and its consequences, as something distant. Masks on the street, all controlled and registered people, half paralyzed country, etc. & # 8230; Read more