Withholdings in Andorra and CDI with Spain

Withholdings in Andorra and CDI with Spain | Andorra Insiders

Cuando una renta, un patrimonio, un producto o servicio o en resumen una acción sujeta a tributación es susceptible de ser gravada en dos o más jurisdicciones distintas, se produce un conflicto de doble imposición. Los dos países sienten la potestad por separado de aplicar su legislación y su normativa al hecho generador objeto de … Read more

Social Security Agreement with Spain

Spain-Andorra Social Security Agreement

When a Spanish person or resident in Spain asks to establish their residence in a different country, one of the most general doubts that may arise is whether the contributions and benefits of Spanish social security are also valid for the Andorran woman. That is, if retirement, health coverage and other types ... Read more

The 9 double taxation agreements

The 8 double taxation agreements in Andorra, Andorra Insiders

Although many people will not know it, the Principality of Andorra has been carrying out an ambitious process of international economic opening for more than a decade, started in 2010 with the agreement on the exchange of tax information with Spain and deepened with the new foreign investment law of 2012, initiating in this way some legal changes and & # 8230; Read more