Residence in Andorra in 2020

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Residence in Andorra in 2020

Andorra is a country with many advantage in multiple areas (Healthier, Taxation, Education) and for that reason since changed its strategy as a country in 2011 tens of thousands of people have decided to move their residence to Andorra. However, settling in the Principality is not an easy task. There is different classified permits, conditions to obtain them and procedures to be carried out for it. In this article we will summarize, order and clarify this topic so that it is easier to understand the process necessary to live in Andorra.

Different types of residence in Andorra

Different types of residence permit

There are roughly six residence permits, although they are grouped into two clearly separated categories: active and passive. The difference between both types of residence basically lies in professional activity. While in the active you can access it if you have a work permit and allow the development of a work or professional activity, the passive is a right to live in Andorra without exercising any activity.

In the following table we classify Andorran residence permits, and later we will explain the main points of each permit:

Active Residence


Work for others


Passive Residence

No profit activity

Professionals with international projection

Cultural, scientific or sports interest

In addition to these, there are work permits without residence created specifically to respond to certain needs of professionals. They can be of two types: General or Border Workers.

Additional information on residence permits

The active residents can apply for residence by family reunification of:

  • Their spouse or member of the couples stable union.
  • Your minor children and your spouses minor children for whom you have legal custody.
  • Their children of legal age and the children of legal age of their dependent spouse who has legal guardianship or a similar institution.
  • Your ascendants who are at least 65 years old or are retired.
  • Other persons of whom they exercise legal guardianship or a similar institution as long as the two parents have lost parental authority.
Immigration Service, Andorra

The passive residents they can request the passive residence of the people in their charge.

Types of active residences

As we have previously commented, active residence permits require the exercise of an activity. Depending on the duration and reason for the activity, the type of permit must be one or the other. This type of residence is characterized by:

  • Need for an employment contract in an Andorran society;
  • Being over 18 years;
  • Do not present a criminal or judicial record;
  • Pass a comprehensive medical examination;
  • Commit to reside at least 183 days in Andorra;
  • Possess an Immigration authorization;
  • Register in the CASS (Caixa Andorrana de Seguretat Social)
  • Change and approve the driving license before the Served de Traits de Govern and change the vehicle registration in the maximum period of three months.

Residence and self-employment

Andorra Residence on own account
  • It allows you to reside and carry out an activity on your own during the validity of the authorization.
  • It is granted to the holders of a participation greater than 10% in andorran societies and who hold a position in the administrative body of the company, or to foreign liberal professionals who wish to establish their residence in Andorra.
  • First authorization: 1 year, renewable three times for periods of 2 years. Subsequent authorizations: 10 years.

Residence and work for others

Andorra Residence and work for others
  • It allows you to reside and exercise an activity permanently during the validity of the authorization.
  • It is granted according to the statutory quotas established for foreign people who have an indefinite employment contract with a legally constituted Andorran company.
  • First authorization: 1 year, renewable three times for periods of 2 years. Subsequent authorizations: 10 years.

Temporary residence

Andorra Temporary residence
  • There are different types of temporary permits.
  • They allow residing and work during the validity of the authorization.
  • They are granted according to the established regulatory quotas to foreign persons who meet one of the following requirements:
    • Have a temporary employment contract with a legally constituted company (generally winter or summer seasonal jobs).
    • Have an authorization to study, carry out training practices, high-level sports training or scientific or similar research.
    • Provide services to a person with Andorran nationality.

Types of passive residences

If you are thinking of live in Andorra without actively working, residence without a work permit is surely the best option. This permit provides the right to live in Andorra without exercising any professional activity in the territory. The applicants for this type of permit are usually three types of people or Insiders:

  1. People who want to settle in the country without working. Retirees, real estate investors, etc.
  2. People who are economically active, but who are not financially dependent on income from local work.
  3. People internationally recognized as artists, athletes ...

All passive residence permits cuethey have shared requirements and other requirements depending on the type of residence. The requirements they share are:

  • Deposit of €50,000 in the Andorran Finance Authority by the owner, recoverable and unpaid.
  • €10,000 deposit in the Andorran Finance Authority for each person in charge.
  • Acquire or rent a home in Andorra.
  • Medical, disability and old age insurance with coverage for Andorra. (Minors and over 65s only health insurance)
  • Reside at least 90 days a year.

Non-profit residence

Andorra residence without profit activity
  • Invest in movable or immovable property for a minimum value of €400,000.
    • Debt or financial instruments issued by entities in the country or by the Public Administration.
    • Participation in capital stock or own funds of Andorran companies.
    • Deposits not numbered in the Andorran Finance Authority (AFA)

Of the previous €400,000:

  • €50,000 must be deposited with the AFA as indicated in the common requirements.
  • €10,000 per person in charge who must also be deposited with the AFA.

If they cannot demonstrate investments with a minimum value of €400,000 within 6 months of the request, the authorization will be considered null.

Professional residence with international projection

Andorra Professional residence with international projection
  • At least 85% of its professional services must be provided outside Andorra.
  • You cannot work in any other way without obtaining the corresponding permission.
  • Demonstrate the international projection and coherence of the business.
  • Operational base in Andorra, with a maximum of one person hired.

Residence for professionals with cultural, scientific or sports interests

Andorra Residence for professionals with cultural interest
  • Enjoy international recognition in your field.
  • At least 85% of its services provided for reasons of scientific, cultural and sports interest must be provided outside Andorra.

How to process residence in Andorra?

Currently achieve a tax residence in Andorra for the the creation of your company or business, or obtain a passive authorization that allows you to enjoy the multiple advantages of residing in Andorra, is a process that requires various procedures that can be expedited with the help of a local consultancy.

Depending on the type of residence, the procedures vary. In this article we will show in a table as an example the procedures for active residence on behalf of others.

Procedures for obtaining the permit for someone else








Andorra Insiders offers comprehensive help to quickly adapt to the country in all aspects. From the constitution of your company to daily activities such as places of tourist or sports interest, the health or education. We advise on all procedures with immigration, the search for housing, obtaining the Andorran driving license or importing and registering your vehicle, as well as moving and family reunification. If you need any help on these issues, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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    • Hi Ayelen,
      To obtain residence by family reunification, you simply have to do an immigration process. In Andorra Insiders we can manage the same for about 500-600 € depending on the number of people to receive the residence by regrouping. However, as we say on the page written to clarify the different residence permits (here, you need to be a relative of the person resident in Andorra. Thank you very much for your comment and attention.

  1. Hola, soy de Catalunya y estoy mirando para coger un restaurante que esta en traspaso aquí en andorra, me gustaría saber si es una opción viable y como debería gestionar el permiso de residencia.

    • Hola Cristina,

      Esas cuestiones dependen de múltiples factores y requieren de la consulta de profesionales y expertos en materia fiscal, legal, etc. Si se trata de adquirir participación en una sociedad andorrana que suele ser lo común, debe optar al permiso de residencia y trabajo por cuenta propia que, debido a la inversión realizada, requiere la aportación de los 15.000€ como depósito al AFA. En cualquier caso le recomiendo consultarlo con expertos en el tema. Puede contactar con nosotros en y contarnos más de su caso y le ofreceremos nuestra propuesta de servicios para su caso.

      Muchas gracias y un saludo


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