Who does Andorra belong to? Spain or France?

Who does Andorra belong to? | Andorra Insiders

Una de las preguntas que se hace mucha gente es qué es Andorra, si es un país o no y si pertenece a alguien o algún otro país, así como en caso afirmativo a qué país pertenece, dónde está o dónde queda, etc. Por eso en este artículo nos hemos propuesto contestar esta cuestión desmenuzándola … Read more

Guide to hotels in Andorra in 2022

hotels andorra accommodation the best hotel

Although the issue of accommodation is not key for people who want to reside in Andorra, it is key for those occasional travelers who visit this small country in the Pyrenees for a few days. For this, they must stay in one of their hotels, and that is why it is to them that this ... Read more

More than 20 museums to see in Andorra

Andorra, a country with more than 20 museums

Another of the many unknown things about the Principality of Andorra is that it is one of the countries with the most museums per square meter in the world. As this jurisdiction is so small and has such a concentration of museums, it is easy for him to obtain this recognition. Although the majority are small, there are museums about absolutely different things and ... Read more

How to get to Andorra? Easy in 6 tips

Getting to Andorra, easy travel in 6 tips | Andorra Insiders

Many people may be interested in getting to and going through the Principality of Andorra. Whether they are immigrants seeking to expatriate and settle in the country for various reasons (especially its great fiscal appeal), opening a business creating a company, working in high season as a temporary worker to live a different experience and reside ... Read more

Andorra, country without crime or delinquency

No crime and crime, security in Andorra

As we saw in the article on the history of Andorra, the Principality has traditionally been an example of peace and warlike neutrality. Since the signing of the «Pariatges» and especially since the creation of the Earth Council in 1419, one of the oldest parliaments in the world, Andorra has lived in complete & # 8230; Read more

Cost of living in Andorra in 2022

Living in Andorra, cost of living in 2020

One of the questions a person often asks when deciding to settle, settle, move or reside in another country is how much does it cost to live there or what is the cost of living. When considering whether to live in Andorra, this question becomes even more important due to the peculiarities of this destination country. A & # 8230; Read more

Cost of living report in Andorra in 2018

cost of living in Andorra, 2020 report

In this article we will address the cost of living of the Principality of Andorra but based on official data: using the 2018 study "Study on the cost of living in Andorra", the first study on the cost of living in the country prepared by the Andorran Government Statistics Department. It is & # 8230; Read more

10 unknown things about Andorra

10 unknown things about Andorra

By naming someone the Andorra place-name one of these three things or a combination of them will quickly come to mind: skiing, tax haven and cheap shopping. While this simple three-word description doesn't stray too far from reality, this little Principality embedded in the middle of the Pyrenees between & # 8230; Read more

Andorra in figures in 2018

Andorra in figures 2018, the latest report

In this article we are going to analyze the Andorran society and economy statistically. To do this, we will use the report called Andorra en Xifres (Andorra in figures) that is published each year by the Andorran Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services and which collects the main indicators and socioeconomic data from Andorra. Specifically the 2018 version, which & # 8230; Read more

The 7 parishes of the Principality of Andorra

The 7 parishes of Andorra

Andorra is a small country located in the heart of the Pyrenean mountain range between France and Spain, covering an area of 468km2. Counting approximately 85 000 inhabitants, its mountainous territory is divided into administrative and geographical districts, the parishes, within which various towns and cities are established, such as the capital Andorra la & # 8230; Read more